Apple News & Rumors, Feb. 26: iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung Trial

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Apple rumors for Feb. 26 include an iPhone SE, an iPad Pro, a new date for the March event, and news on the Samsung trial. (Getty)

The Apple news and rumors for February 26 include a big win for Samsung in the Apple patent case, a new 4-inch iPhone SE, and a new iPad Pro instead of an iPad Air 3 . In addition, it looks like special March unveiling event for Apple might be pushed back a week.

Here’s what you need to know.

Apple’s March Event Might Be Pushed Back a Week

Apple’s big March unveiling, which has been rumored to include a new iPhone and a new iPad, was originally expected to take place on March 15. But new rumors are placing the event at March 22, Apple Insider reported. According to a South Korean website called UnderKG, an anonymous source said that employees were asked to keep the days around March 22 free.

The New 4-Inch Phone Could Be Called iPhone SE

Rumors have been circulating almost non-stop about Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone, which will likely be unveiled during its March event. The name of the phone has been reported as the iPhone 6c sometimes and an iPhone 5se other times. Now, MacRumors reported that it might actually just be called the “iPhone 5 SE,” dropping a number altogether. This would also make the phone feel less outdated, since Apple is currently in an iPhone 6 cycle.

A 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Might Be Launched, Not an iPad Air 3

Most rumors have been pretty certain that the March unveiling will introduce an iPad Air 3 that could sport a Pro-worthy processor. But now that’s being called into question, too. Apple Insider reported that the new 9.7-inch tablet might actually be part of the iPad Pro line. Rumors are saying that the new Pro might be accompanied by an Air 3 that’s less impressive than previously expected.

Samsung Won Its Appeal Against Apple

On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in favor of Samsung, saying the company didn’t violate Apple patents on turning alphanumeric characters into links or violate the slide-to-unlock patent. The decision also reversed a jury ruling that Samsung violated an Apple auto-correct patent, Fortune reported. This ruling will free Samsung from having to pay $120 million in damages or alter its designs. The court added that Apple’s patents were obvious and invalid. Apple can appeal this latest ruling if it wants, but the company hasn’t said yet what it’s going to do.

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