Apple News & Rumors, Feb. 16: iPhone 7 EMI Shielding & Voiceprint

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Apple is rumored to be adding EMI shielding to iPhone 7 chips. Meanwhile, voiceprint authentication is in the works. (Getty)

The Apple news and rumors for February 16 are all about the iPhone 7. It looks like the iPhone 7 could include EMI shielding on chips in the phone, which could reduce electromagnetic interference and help with wireless charging. An upcoming iPhone may also include voiceprint authentication, but there’s no word on retina authentication. Apple is also going to begin a new bond program, with rates expected today.

Here’s what you need to know.

iPhone 7 EMI Shielding Could Reduce EM Waves And Help With Wireless Charging

Recent rumors point to Apple applying EMI (electromagnetic intereference) shielding to individual chips in the iPhone 7, 9to5 Mac reported. The rumor originated from one of the Korean companies that may do the shielding work. Apple currently applies shielding to the whole printing circuit board, but this would be the first time most of the major chips would be shielded. According to Patently Apple, this move would decrease EM interference, increase the phone’s performance, and answer consumers’ fears about EM waves from smartphones. As one reader pointed out, this could also cut down on interference from wireless charging methods. Apple is working on bringing wireless charging to its phones as soon as 2017.

Apple Launches New Bond Program

New Apple bonds are here. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple is issuing a series of new bonds to raise money for stock buybacks and dividend payments. These bonds’ floating rates should mature in 2018 to 2019, with fixed rates maturing from 2018 to 2046.The total sum Apple wants to raise and the rates of the bonds haven’t been released yet, but could be announced later today.

Voice Authentication Coming to the iPhone, But No Word on Retina Scans

Some Apple fans are looking forward to the day when they can unlock their iPhone with a futuristic retina scan, but Apple hasn’t announced news on that yet. Instead, the latest rumor for the iPhone involves voiceprint authentication, International Business Times reported. According to a patent just published and granted this week, Apple wants to let users access their phones just by speaking. This speech input could be compared to a voiceprint that lets the user unlock the phone “hands free.” If the voice authentication fails, the phone could still be unlocked through traditional means. The patent was first filed in March 2011, but we don’t know if this will be ready for the iPhone 7.

Some Apple fans were hoping for a retina scan, which they believe would be harder to break. But voiceprint would be a welcome addition, especially since some iPhone covers hinder the fingerprint scanning.

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