Apple News & Rumors, Feb. 24: Siri for Mac, Pencil Update, Sand Watch

apple news and rumors february 24

Apple rumors for February 4 include Siri for Mac, Apple Pencil updates, new Apple Watches, and the iPad’s smart keyboard issues. (Getty)

The Apple news and rumors for February 24 include a rumored Siri version just for Mac and news on a reported “sand-colored” Apple Watch. Updates on Apple Pencils’ disabled features and the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard are also part of today’s updates.

Here’s what you need to know.

Siri for Mac Could Be Coming Soon

It looks like Siri will finally be coming to Mac if rumors about OS X 10.12 are correct, reported Apple Insider. This new version of the OS X will include a Siri button in Mac’s menu bar. Clicking on the button will let you speak a command to your Mac. This new feature could debut in June at the Developers Conference, if Apple sticks to past schedules. The new version will then be free on the Mac App Store. The Siri voice command for Mac would likely be best for dictation, since Siri still can’t do complex commands. However, whether this rumor will actually become reality still remains to be seen.

Apple Will Return Full Functionality to the Pencil

Previous rumors reported that Apple was permanently disabling a lot of its Pencil’s functionality. However, The Verge has reported that full functionality will be returning soon. The most recent four iOS 9.3 betas removed functionality, but this is only temporary. The next beta update will return the features.

There Won’t Be a Sand-Colored Apple Watch

Some Apple fans got excited when they saw reports that there might be a sand-colored Apple Watch coming soon. The photos showed an Apple Watch modern buckle band in sand and black. However, MacRumors reported that this is really just a washed out photo of the pink buckle. Rumors of a Space Black Milanese Loops are likely still true. The March 15 event will debut new Apple Watch bands.

iPad’s Smart Keyboard Issue Is Being Fixed

The iPad Pro’s connectivity issues with its smart keyboard are being fixed, 9 to 5 Mac reported. A software update is rolling out that fixed the iPad Pro waking randomly when connected to the smart keyboard. Apple posted a support document addressing the update here.

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