DJI Phantom 4: Top 5 New Features

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DJI has made a mega announcement this morning, as the company has officially unveiled their newest Phantom drone model, the DJI Phantom 4. The new model brings numerous brand new features to the company’s Phantom line of RC drones, and that’s probably why the company refers to it as “your creative sidekick” in the promotional materials.

While I’m surprised that DJI has come out with the Phantom 4 so quickly, its specs and new features are far from being negligible. In fact, we’re pretty sure this is going to quickly become the most bought drone of 2016 (once it starts shipping), even though the Phantom 4 price has been set at $1399.

So if you want to know more about this glorious new piece of hardware, here are the DJI Phantom 4’s top 5 new features:

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1. The DJI Phantom 4 is slimmer, sleeker, and their “sexiest drone” yet.

DJI – Introducing the Phantom 4The Phantom 4 makes flying easier and more fun than ever. Control it with a tap, automatically avoid obstacles or track your favourite subjects effortlessly to create videos that amaze. Advanced technologies and an enhanced camera combine to make your memories unforgettable. Learn more: Buy now: Video depicts informed participants in the flight operation. Always make sure that your planned operating environment is safe before using intelligent flight modes.2016-03-01T16:40:24Z

DJI isn’t shying away from the fact that their previous Phantom drones were comparatively, well, ugly. In fact, if you take a look at their official description of the drone, the first thing they even say about it is that it’s “the sexiest drone [they’ve] ever designed.” You can tell just by looking at the newest Phantom drone that the company has slimmed down on the plastic. It looks like the Phantom 3 went on the Atkins Diet.

2. The Phantom 4 flight time has been extended to a whopping 28 minutes.

DJI – Phantom 4 – Winter WildernessDJI – Phantom 4: Winter Wilderness The director at Ferme 5 étoiles animal rescue in the wilds of Quebec’s Sacré-Coeur spends his days rescuing animals across a vast, snowy wilderness. Accompanied by a team of sled dogs and using a Phantom 4, he is able to track his animals easily and show the beauty of…2016-03-01T17:18:43Z

Drone flight times have been really depressing in the past. But, the Phantom 4 flight time is 25% more effective than the Phantom 3, as it comes in at 28 minutes of total flight time. DJI achieved this time extension by using advanced propulsion systems and the streamlined design. The battery capacity still comes in at 6000 mAh, which is the same as the Phantom 3, which is a bit of a surprise. Still, it’s notable that the Phantom 4 brings a longer flight time than its predecessor.

3. You’re able to “Fly With Tap” to anything you see on the screen.

DJI – Phantom 4: The Most Powerful TechnologyDive into the heart of the DJI Phantom 4, and see how every advanced component works together to bring you an easy, unparalleled flight experience. Learn more: Buy now: Video depicts informed participants in the flight operation. Always make sure that your planned operating environment is safe before using intelligent flight modes.2016-03-01T17:18:44Z

Technically, you’re able to fly with a double tap, since you have to actually tap it twice, but I suppose that doesn’t fit as well into DJI’s marketing lingo. But the new feature makes flying easier for anyone, as users simply need to double tap anywhere on their screen to fly to it. One tap will bring up a “Go” button, and then users have to tap the “Go” button to get their drone to head to that point. We’ve seen the visual tracking feature with many other camera drones, but for some reason, the DJI Phantom line had yet to actually see it — until now. With the Phantom 4, users will be able to use ActiveTrack, which will let them follow a subject without the need of a band or a beacon. Point of interests are also easily changed.

4. It can record at 1080p at 120fps, and 4K at 30fps.

DJI – Phantom 4 – Your Creative SidekickThe intelligent Phantom 4 is more than a flying camera, it’s your creative companion. Use it to get shots that were impossible before, and bring an entirely new level of epic to your creations. Learn more: Buy now: Video depicts informed participants in the flight operation. Always make sure that your planned operating…2016-03-01T16:41:19Z

If you’re a part of the hobby to make spectacular drone photography, then you’re going to be impressed with the Phantom 4 camera, which can record at 1080p 120fps, as well as 4K at a 30fps. This is thanks to the drone’s redesigned 8 element aspherical lens that helps to further reduce annoying fisheye distortion, which allows for higher corner sharpness. Bottom line: your photos are going to look better all-around.

5. The new drone will come with an all-new Sport Mode for speed.

DJI – Phantom 4 – The Thrill of SpeedFlying is fun. Flying fast with the Phantom 4’s Sport Mode is an adrenaline rush. Every element of the DJI Phantom 4’s design, from the sleek body to advanced artificial intelligence, make it outperform even the most demanding expectations. Learn more: Buy now: Video depicts informed participants in the flight operation. Always make…2016-03-01T16:45:11Z

DJI knows that not everyone buys camera drones just for snapping footage, as there are many drones for sale that actually target the type of pilots that want to partake in some cool tricks or high speed runs (drone racing is growing in popularity, mind you). The company’s new drone for sale has a Sport Mode that brings added speed and responsive controls to the Phantom line. DJI was able to add this feature thanks to the new battery position which has been moved closer to the center of the drone, which allows for more accurate control at higher speeds (since there’s no awkward weight distribution now). Now, the drone will have a maximum speed of 44mph.

Buy it on Amazon soon.

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