iPhone SE: The Photos You Need to See

What can you expect from Apple's upcoming 4-inch iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone SE?  The phone has gone by many names so far, including the iPhone 6c and the iPhone 5se. Most recently, it's been rumored that the phone will simply be called the iPhone SE, according to MacRumors, getting rid of the number convention altogether to help it stand apart from the other iPhones. The iPhone SE's release date is expected to be during Apple's special mid-March event on March 21. We've got all the rumored photos, details, and specs about the iPhone SE right here. The current rumors for the phone include that it will not have 3D Touch but will still have a headphone jack, it may be a curved shape, it will come at a lower price, and it may come in new colors including possibly hot pink.

Martin Hajek, who frequently designs concept photos for new iPhones and other devices, put together a series of photos titled "To SE or not to SE." These include renders of what 9to5Mac, OnLeaks, and Curved.de are speculating the new four-inch iPhone will look like. You can see the entire series of photos hereClick through the gallery to see more photos for the 4-inch iPhone SE, possible leaked schematics, details about what features the phone will likely have, and more. (Martin Hajek)