iPhone 7: The Photos You Need to See

Even though Apple is having a special "in the loop" event on March 21, the iPhone 7 release date will likely be during Apple's September 2016 event. Some media sources have expressed concern that the iPhone 7's launch date might be delayed even more if Apple's legal battle with the FBI continues to heat up, but there's been no official mention of this happening. Apple's March 21 event will likely feature a new 4-inch iPhone tentatively called the iPhone SE, not the iPhone 7. One source is hinting that the release date for the iPhone 7 might be even sooner than September, but there are no more details to that one.

Apple fans are excited and hoping that come September, the iPhone 7 will bring a big leap in technological advancement far past the iPhone 6s. There's been a lot of news about what to expect from the new iPhone, including size changes, dual camera options, new screens, waterproofing, and more. We've got all the specs and details about the upcoming iPhone 7, along with concept photos attempting to capture what we might find in Apple's newest phone.

For example, this gorgeous iPhone 7 concept includes a virtual home button, edge-to-edge curved screen, and a stunning display. The photo is from a concept video created by Samistream, which you can watch here. It envisions a curved, edge-to-edge screen with a 20 mp camera, six built-in speakers, and a glass body. While the concept phone is absolutely stunning, it's not likely to be part of the iPhone 7. Click through the gallery to see these photos and read more details about the iPhone 7.(Facebook)