iPhone 7: The Photos You Need to See

The iPhone 7 May Feature a Dual Camera

The most recent information indicates that the iPhone 7 may come in three versions, with one featuring a dual camera, MacRumors reported. The dual-camera setup might sit flush with the back of the iPhone rather than protruding as the current camera does. In addition, Apple published a patent on January 7, 2016 indicating that it wanted to add optical zoom to iPhone 7 Plus's camera, Techworm reported. It described using side-by-side cameras to enable the feature. The most recent rumors are saying an iPhone 7 Pro version will have the dual camera. Jermaine Smit shared a concept video on YouTube that included a look at the iPhone 7 vs the iPhone 7 Plus and a single camera vs a dual camera iPhone. Despite what the video shows, the dual camera phone will likely be called the iPhone 7 Pro. (YouTube)