iPhone 7 Videos: Specs, Features, & Rumors

The tech world is abuzz with new rumors practically every day about the iPhone 7. The phone won’t likely be revealed during Apple’s special March 21 event, but it will be unveiled sometime later this year. If past events are any indication, the iPhone 7 release date may be sometime around September. Apple fans are excited and hoping the iPhone 7 will bring a big leap in technological advancement far past the iPhone 6. These videos show specs and concept ideas from designers who hope they are capturing what might be featured in the upcoming iPhone.

DeepMind created this concept video of an iPhone 7, posted above, running iOS 10 on an edge-to-edge screen. The video also shows an iPhone without a permanent home button, but instead featuring a home button that’s part of the screen and only appears when in use, like the iPhone keyboard. This video was created in collaboration with svetapple.sk and CiP.

Here are a few more videos of the iPhone 7 that you have to see.

Dreaming of a 4K iPhone 7

This video by SCAVidsHD was originally supposed to be for an iPhone 6, but he updated it to be for an iPhone 7, believing the concept is still relevant. The video envisions an iPhone with a 5-inch dual screen, a 16 mp rear camera, a 3 mp front camera, 4K video, and iOS 8. The iPhone 7 is actually likely to have iOS 10, but don’t count on the dual screen idea.

Next is a video with similarly big dreams. It envisions a curved, edge-to-edge screen with a 20 mp camera, six built-in speakers, and a glass body. While the concept phone is absolutely stunning, don’t expect it in the iPhone 7:

Concepts for the iPhone 7’s Dual Camera

The most recent information indicates that the iPhone 7 may come in three versions, with one featuring a dual camera, MacRumors reported. The dual-camera setup might sit flush with the back of the iPhone. In addition, Apple published a patent on January 7, 2016 indicating that it wanted to add optical zoom to iPhone 7 Plus’s camera. The most recent rumors are saying an iPhone 7 Pro will have the dual camera. The video posted above explains how a dual-camera setup works, which is one of the features that the new iPhone 7 is rumored to have.

This video will also give you an idea of how a dual-camera setup would work:

Videos that Border on the Ridiculous

What’s an article about iPhone 7 videos without some that are just plain ridiculous? The concept video above has people really skeptical. It imagines the iPhone 7 turning into a full-sized tablet. Don’t expect an iPhone that folds out into a tablet to ever happen, but the video is still fun to watch. The creator of the video, Sonitdac, also brought us the parachuting iPhone video, which you can watch below: