Apple AirPods Price: How Much Will the Wireless Headphones Cost?

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The new AirPods will begin shipping in late October. (Apple)

Apple has just unveiled what they are pitching as the headphones of the future, but they will not come cheap.

The AirPods are wireless headphones from Apple that will be perfect for the iPhone 7, as this new phone will for the first time be completely dropping the headphone jack and encouraging uses to use wireless technology instead.

It was thought that these new headphones would come with the iPhone 7, but that is actually not the case; the iPhone 7 comes with wired headphones that plug into the lightning port. The AirPods will be sold separately, costing $159 and shipping at the end of October.

In terms of battery life, one charge of the AirPods will equate to five hours of listening. But they do come with a charging case, which will give the headphones three more hours of juice in just 15 minutes.

At their September 7th keynote address, Apple stressed that the AirPods can be simultaneously connected to all of your Apple devices at once, so you can switch back and forth between your Macbook, iPhone and iPad all without taking the earbuds out.

On Twitter, many Apple users expressed surprise that these headphones will come at such a high cost, especially given how concerned many already are about losing them and needing a replacement.

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