Apple v Samsung Goes to Supreme Court: Where Does Coca-Cola Stand?

AGAINST APPLE: Earlier in October Google revealed a suite of devices meant to challenge rivals like Amazon and Apple. The similarities in the devices were hard to ignore. Google Home, Google Daydream View, and Google Pixel drew comparisons to Amazon Echo, Samsung's Oculus-powered Gear VR, and the Apple iPhone. It is the similarities in the phone design that may have Google most worried of an Apple victory. Both phones have a metal casing. Although the courts have thrown out Apple's claim to the rounded corners of smartphones, an Apple victory could broaden design patent claims on phones. Google has filed a motion alongside other tech companies that an unfavorable ruling could discourage companies trying to develop, "useful modern technologies."

It took 122 years for a design patent case to appear before the Supreme Court. The ruling in Apple v. Samsung may set a precedent on how much ownership companies can claim on similar design elements. Eight justices will consider Samsung’s argument on Tuesday that it shouldn’t have to pay Apple the entire profits on its phones that copied the iPhone design.

At stake is $548 million awarded to Apple in an earlier court decision. The case has attracted the attention of design professionals like Calvin Klein and tech companies like Google. Here’s where they stand.

You can find the brief in support of Apple here and the brief in support of Samsung here



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iOS 10 Jailbreak

Samsung big time copied the Apple’s iPhone design to make the Samsung Galaxy series a big win around the world. I still remember, when Galaxy S2 launched.

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