Galaxy Note 7 Replacements: Phone Carrier Return Policies

Galaxy Note 7 Recall

More than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s have been recalled (Getty)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 suffered another another setback after one of its replacement phones caught fire aboard a Southwest Airlines plane.

The South Korean company had finished recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s in response to battery problems when reports spread in the US of the replacements overheating. On October 5, a replacement Note 7 caught on fire onboard a Southwest Airlines plane while still at the gate. The phone had the black square icon found on replacement device packaging, according to the Verge.

As Samsung gears up for a second recall, many phone carriers have decided enough is enough. T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7. Here’s a rundown on your phone carrier’s return policies for replacement Note 7s.

Sprint will Exchange Replacement Note 7s

Sprint Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Sprint will allow customers to exchange the replacements for another device (Getty)

Sprint has said that it would exchange replacement Note 7s as US regulators investigate the devices. The phone carrier says it will allow customers to exchange them for any other device at a Sprint store. Here’s a statement from the phone carrier:

Sprint is working collaboratively with Samsung to better understand the most recent concerns regarding replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is also investigating the Note 7 replacement device. At this time, CPSC has not specifically said if customers should or should not use the replacement model. If a Sprint customer with a replacement Note 7 has any concerns regarding their device, we will exchange it for any other device at any Sprint retail store during the investigation window. We will provide additional information when the investigation has concluded.

T-Mobile Accepts Returns Within 14-Days of Purchase

T-Mobile Note 7 Recall

You can return a replacement Note 7 within 14 days of purchase at T-Mobile (Getty)

T-Mobile has a 14-day return policy for all devices. It confirmed that it will accept replacement Note 7s. Customers can exchange or refund phones that they had bought or leased in the last two weeks. The phone carrier’s website says smartphone returns may include a $50 restocking fee.

Engadget reports that T-Mobile started offering replacements on September 21. If you bought one that day, it would be too late to return it under T-Mobile’s policy.

AT&T Says it Will Exchange Replacement Note 7s Under a Refund Policy Similar to T-Mobile’s

AT&T Note 7 Recall

AT&T offers a similar 14 day return policy as T-Mobile (Getty)

AT&T will also allow customers to exchange replacement Note 7s for another smartphone bought within a 14 day window, Engadget reports. AT&T may charge a restocking fee up to $45.

Verizon will also allow Note 7 owners to exchange a replacement phone, the Wall Street Journal reports.