Wireless N64 Controller User Manual, Shipping Date Released

Retro gamers will soon get their hands on the rebooted N64 controller soon minus the wires.

Gamepad maker 8Bitdo’s classic N64 controller is compatible with Macs, smartphones and PCs. You can pre-order a bluetooth N64 controller on Amazon for $49.99, which will be shipped on October 25. Massdrop is also selling for $44.99 as of October 14 with an estimated shipping date of November 7. The Massdrop package includes a one year limited warranty.

8Bitdo released pictures of the controller at the HongKong Electronic Fair – Autumn Edition on October 13. It also submitted a FCC filing, which included pictures of the controller (above) as well as its user manual. The order page on Massdrop says the controller has a “responsive joystick”, though some are doubtful that 8Bitdo has fixed the original controller’s flawed joystick.

The N64 wireless controller works on smartphones and computers through an emulator, a piece of software that turns your device into a virtual console. The most popular emulators include Project 64 or 1964 for Windows, MegaN64 for Android and NewGamepad for iOS. However, use caution when choosing an emulator because they are not official Nintendo products and may contain bugs, reports Gizmodo.

Here’s is a rundown of the Bluetooth N64 specs:

  • Battery Life: 18 Hours
  • Compatibility: Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Windows
  • Range: 10 Meters

User Manual

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