Top 10 Best 4K TVs: The Heavy Power List

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4K UHD TVs represent the future of picture resolution in television. Like smart wireless technology, 4K has been slowly making its way into our home theaters for the last six years, and it is now reaching full ubiquity.

Now, 4K quality can be found everywhere from Blu-Ray players to YouTube videos to phone screens, and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have it.

But why go 4K when 1080P is also dropping in price? The number of content sources supporting 4K has grown substantially now that Ultra HD Blu-Rays are becoming standard.

Likewise, streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video have more and more 4K UHD content every day. 4K is on track to become the dominant format, and the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can join the fun.

Just keep in mind that while resolution is an important aspect of picture quality, it is far from the only factor you’ll want to consider when buying a TV.

But if you are specifically after a 4K upgrade, you’ll need to keep a mind to what also offers the best color gamut, contrast, refresh rate, upscaling, usability, and smart features.

That is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite 4K TVs for different uses and budgets. Each of our picks stands out among its price class, size, or style as a top choice, and, of course, we will keep our recommendations up to date as new televisions come out.

1. Best Value 4K TV: TCL 55US5800 55-Inch

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Your home theater is one of the most nefarious potential money sinks around your house. Once you immerse yourself in the world of audio and video hardware, you can quickly devolve into spending near unlimited amounts of money improving your picture and sound.

Perfecting your setup can be part of the fun, but the bottom line is that casual video enthusiasts need a benchmark to show where the ideal balance lies between price and performance.

For our purposes, this is the TLC 55US5800, a 4K TV set that leans towards the side of value with a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) and a price tag under $500.

For what you pay, you get a surprisingly detailed picture. The S5800 is sharp, has a respectable color gamut, and decent black levels. Honestly, the picture won’t blow your expectations away, but it is well-rounded without any glaring shortcomings.

But on the subject of glare, this TV has a semi-gloss panel, and the screen doesn’t quite get bright enough to counter reflections from bright sources of light. The panel is also VA technology, which helps improve overall black levels, but has a slightly more limited viewing angle.

this TV has a native 60Hz refresh rate, but can only play judder-free video up to 24Hz. Judder is an inescapable and usually undetectable element of movies recorded on film, but some prefer their digital content to be free of this subtle stuttering.

The S5800 adds even more value by including the Roku streaming platform for navigating between different streaming services.

Roku includes all of the most popular services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Pandora, and more. Many now offer 4K content, though TCL’s upscaling engine is also good enough to bring out the detail in any playback quality.

This TV also has a handy Roku remote, and the capability to cast content from your phone or tablet. And all of these applications are fast and responsive.

Of course, if you really want to experience a top quality 4K experience, you may have to spend ten times this. At this price, this is definitely one of the best 4K TVs you’ll find, but it is far from the best overall.

If you are looking for a TV that is larger, sharper, or more feature-packed, you will surely find it below, as long as you are willing to pay a little more.

Price: $499.99 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the TCL 55US5800 55-Inch here.


  • Low price tag
  • Well-rounded picture quality
  • Includes Roku streaming platform


  • 60 Hz playback has faint judder
  • Slightly more motion blur than average
  • Semi-glossy screen reflects light easily

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2. Best Curved 4K TV: Samsung UN55 KU6500 55-Inch

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Curved TVs aim to be the next big thing in home theater innovation, as they take better advantage of our eyes’ peripheral vision, and provide a wider viewing angle for multiple viewers.

Without even considering KU6500’s unique form factor, it is a robust display capable of crisp 4K UHD output. It has a respectable color gamut, a 60Hz refresh rate, and solid upscaling capabilities.

This TV does have HDR (high dynamic resolution), but unfortunately, no TV in its KU-series has full HDR10-standard specs. This privilege is currently reserved for Samsung’s top tier panels.

Some buyers claim that the curved form factor further improves perceived contrast by focusing the light from the screen into a smaller area, but others aren’t impressed with the difference for the money spent.

One thing that cannot be easily contested is the quality of the colors on the KU6500. This TV has a respectably wide color gamut, which offers accuracy and vibrancy on 4K content or expertly upscaled HD and SD content.

The color isn’t exactly up to par with HDR10 Wide Color Gamut standards, but it looks great with far less tweaking needed than on other sets.

The refresh rate is 60Hz, and motion looks smooth and clean on this set. You can set the refresh rate as high as 120Hz using Samsung’s proprietary MEMC technology, but I would strongly advise against this on any TV set, as this motion interpolation is purely a marketing gimmick that gives your content the dreaded “soap opera effect.”

The Tizen OS smart features on this device are excellent, and give you seamless access to whichever streaming services you may desire. You will also be able to plug in a Blu-Ray player or gaming console into one of the TV’s three HDMI ports or two USB ports. That said, many other TVs in this price range have substantially more connection options.

How much you appreciate the curved screen will depend on how important immersion is to you, as this pricey of a feature certainly won’t be a must-have for everyone. But you will certainly enjoy the overall picture of this TV, and curved price bump included, it is still a great pickup.

Price: $2,199.64

Buy the Samsung UN55 KU6500 Curved 55-Inch here.


  • Curved screen offers immersive depth and contrast atop psuedo-HDR
  • Accurate color gamut
  • Bright screen resists reflection


  • Curved screens carry a higher price tag
  • Narrow output selection
  • Small, clumsy remote

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3. Best Upscaling in a 4K TV: Sony XBR55X 850D

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Sony televisions are considered some of the best by AV enthusiasts, earning special recognition for their vivid picture, great motion processing, and superior upscaling capabilities.

The source of this TV’s excellent motion recreation is its X1 4k image processor. Ihe screen’s smooth 120Hz native refresh rate makes this a great pick for sports or gaming.

It also maintains detail and clarity when upscaling sub-4K content, which is most of the content available out there.

The 850D delivers a pretty impressive spectrum of colors with any quality of content, and offers impressive brightness to match.

Its overall HDR capabilities are acceptable, but the display doesn’t get the deepest of blacks. This is most notable in a dark room, but isn’t as much of an issue with a few lights on.

The IPS display provides a wide viewing angle, and helps the colors pop on this vibrant screen. However, the screen can catch a little more glare with its semi-gloss finish.

As for usability factors, this TV has a solid suite of smart features packed behind its attractive bezel. Some of its menus are a little clunky, but easy enough to live with.

If you absolutely need better black levels, the Sony 930D (reviewed further on) is a pricey but worthwhile upgrade. Otherwise, Sony’s midrange 850D will upscale your SD content brilliantly at a value price.

Price: $1,198.00

Buy the Sony XBR55X 850D here.


  • Excellent motion and upscaling at 120Hz native
  • Rich colors across an IPS wide viewing angle
  • Bright and even LED backlighting


  • Blacks could be deeper
  • Menu is somewhat slow
  • Semi-gloss finish adds glare

Find more Sony XBR55X 850D information and reviews here.

4. Best 70-Inch 4K TV: Vizio M70-C3

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If you are planning to invest in a 4K screen in the near future, you will want to consider the largest display you have room for. Since the pixel count on a 4K screen is standard, a larger screen will have larger pixels. This gives low resolution pictures a “screen door effect” when viewed from up close.

However, the high pixel density of UHD 4K panels makes for an intricately detail picture when viewed from up close or afar. Hence why you might as well go big or go home.

Larger screens tend to fetch disproportionately large prices, but the Vizio M Series is one of the best values out of the 65+ inch screens. The M70-C3 is Vizio’s “entry-level” 70 inch screen, which stands out for its crisp visuals, fantastic contrast ratio, and incredible price.

I have trouble calling this large semi-matte display “entry level” as it delivers sharp UHD (3840 x 2160) content with a native refresh rate of 120Hz (but only out of one of its five HDMI ports).

One of the best aspects of the picture on this TV is its impressive contrast ratio. The M70-C3 is able to get deep blacks right alongside bright colors thanks to full-array local dimming, which allows the screen to selectively dim different areas of the screen.

Shadows look beautiful, and their blacks are far deeper than you will get out of edge-lit panels in the same price range. You will need to calibrate this set out of the box for the best colors and white balance, but you will be incredibly satisfied once you do.

There are a number of options for editing your picture, including multiple viewing profiles and settings that help reduce judder, motion blur, and upscaling. Upscaling is greatly improved over previous models.

One downside that may or not matter to you is a somewhat limited app selection. You get most of the staples, but strangely absent is any form of web browser, as well as some staples like HBO Go.

And while this TV’s VA panel helps deliver the amazing black levels that this TV is known for, it also offers a more narrow viewing angle. This can be problematic, especially if you plan on mounting your TV high up on your wall.

These flaws aside, you are getting a lot of high quality features from this budget 70 inch. Its features compete with those of TVs that cost hundreds of dollars more, and its resolution is basically future-proof.

Price: $2,598.00

Buy the Vizio M70-C3 Smart TV here.


  • Full-array local dimming offers high contrast
  • Extensive picture presets and settings
  • Sharp 4K (and upscaled HD) picture


  • No web browsing app
  • Narrow viewing angle
  • Device needs extensive calibration for the ideal picture

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5. Best 65-Inch 4K TV: Sharp Aquos LC-65 N7000U

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Sharp’s Aquos LC-65 N7000U is an HDR-enabled 65 inch television that keeps a mind to entry-level affordability. This second tier brand offers a large and impressive picture for under $1,000.

This pricing is already considerably aggressive for a 65 inch 4K TV, and though the N7000U has its shortcomings, it makes up for it with a sharp and vibrant picture.

The main selling point of this screen is that it supports HDR, which helps create brighter whites and adds life to your picture’s already wide color gamut. But while the N7000U will play files in the high-end HDR10 standard, it doesn’t quite meet the full potential of the format.

One reason for this is that the N7000U is edge-lit. Because fewer lights control the brightness of the screen, blacks are somewhat inky rather than full black. Still, the screen’s color gamut looks great within an adequate viewing angle. The image processor also delivers beautiful upscaling.

The N7000U has a native 60Hz refresh rate, which is fairly standard at this price range. This is a category I wish Sharp had invested more resources into, as you will occasionally see motion artifacts in high velocity scenes. But this hardly hurts the sheer value of this TV set.

As for smart functionalities, this set delivers responsive and snappy menu navigation and a great selection of apps. All of the most popular apps are available, and the remote control works nicely as well.

If you are looking for a solid 4K TV that gets you enough real estate for the right price, Sharp Aquos LC-65 N7000U is a top choice.

Price: $947.00 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sharp Aquos LC-65 N7000U here.


  • Accurate and wide color gamut
  • Plays HDR content decently
  • Responsive menu and wide app selection


  • Refresh rate could be better
  • Blacks could be deeper

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6. Best 55-Inch 4K TV: Hisense 55H7B2

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Chinese manufacturer Hisense offers a decent 55 inch 4K TV at a price that cannot be beaten, and it is the 55H7B2. This TV won’t impress those looking for the top 4K quality, but if you simply want a new mid-size TV that gets you in on the latest standard, then the 55H7B2 will work just fine.

In terms of picture quality, the 55H7B2 handles 4K and upscaled HD images equally well, and delivers decently rich and accurate colors. This TV also has a 120Hz refresh rate, and handles motion without leaving strange artifacts or blur.

The real weak point of this TV’s picture is its contrast ratio. This TV has subpar black levels, which have a greyish and dirty look to them, due to poor overall black uniformity. If you watch lots of horror movies and gritty dark-shot movies, this will not be a good pick for you.

Brighter scenes look a lot better, though, and the set has a decent viewing angle where your colors are still nice and saturated. Calibrating this set and letting your screen get some burn-in time will do wonders for this set, though.

Its smart TV features are pretty solid, and this TV has plenty of input options to enjoy your favorite types of content. For what you pay, the 55H7B2 is surprisingly enjoyable to watch, and only has one serious flaw to deal with. If you can overlook poor black levels, then this is a go-to budget pick.

Price: $648.00

Buy the Hisense 55H7B2 here.


  • Rich and accurate color
  • Solid Smart TV features
  • Low price tag


  • Low overall contrast
  • Low black uniformity
  • Poor quality stand

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7. Best 43-Inch 4K TV: LG 43UH6100

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TVs around 40 inches are at the bottom end of sizes you will be able to find 4K UHD in, which raises an important question. Is it worth investing in 4K output at this screen size, or does the smaller viewing area make the extra pixel density irrelevant?

The answer is kind of. This handy reference chart has been around the Internet and back, and has drawn very little dispute from AV experts. According to its measurements, you would need to sit two to four feet from your TV to enjoy the full effect of 4K quality, which is pretty darn close.

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Of course, this doesn’t rule options like the LG 43U H6100 out for a bedroom or mixed use TV set. Households that already have a formidably sized TV in their living room might want a 4K option for another room, or specifically for a gaming setup.

This TV’s IPS panel helps make complicated viewing setups work, offering a wide viewing angle and very little color washout as you shift laterally. The semi-gloss finish has an anti-glare screen coating, and with the H6100’s fairly bright backlight helps make colors pop.

On the subject of color, the H6100 cuts costs on color production by using a RGBW panel, which replaces some of the sub-pixels with white pixels. This affects minor details rather than the big picture, though, so if anything, you might see some pixelated anomalies on text, or imperfections within solid colors.

The screen does everything else much better, though, including excellent motion response time for 4K at 60Hz. You see very little motion blur, and the same applies for upscaled content, which looks great blown up to 4K size.

This display has rudimentary HDR support, that allows you to play HDR-enabled content, but doesn’t quite get you the real deal effect promised from this cinematic color mode. Black levels are pretty decent for an IPS screen, and are neither a strength nor a weakness.

This TV’s integrated WebOS smart interface is one of the most intuitive elements of the TV. The menus are fast, easy to navigate, and house all of your favorite streaming services in one place, removing the need for a streaming box in your home theater.

While many TVs offer several USB ports and four or more HDMI ports, this set is slightly more limited with three HDMIs, and one USB. Thankfully, each input has its own calibration settings, so you can adjust the picture for different inputs, but this selection won’t work for everyone.

All together, the H6100 provides many compelling reasons to look past its small size. Many will benefit from going with an even more discounted 1080P 40 inch screen, but those who are determined to help 4K stick will get a lot of enjoyment out of this TV set.

Price: $698.56

Buy the LG 43UH6100 Smart LED TV here.


  • Wide IPS viewing angle promotes color accuracy
  • Plays HDR content decently
  • Responsive menu and wide app selection


  • Smaller screen size doesn’t fully utilize 4K quality
  • RGBW pixel arrangement can distort text and small details
  • Narrow output selection

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8. Best 4K 3D TV: Sony XBR55X 930D

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Yet another top tier television in Sony’s Bravia (XBR) line of TVs, the 930D, is both an all-around 2016 favorite for home theater enthusiasts, and a contender for the best 3D 4K display for your dollar.

This TV is the 3D version of the above-mentioned XBR55X 850D, but at a whole $500 more, this set does sweeten the pot with a couple of extra features.

Its X1 4K processor offers the same native refresh rate of 120Hz and the same superior upscaling as its counterpart. And though it is also edge-lit, the 930D has grid-array local dimming and boosting that nears the quality of a full-array backlit screen.

Contrast is high, with acceptable black levels. The TV is HDR10-compatible, and more importantly, features Wide Color Gamut technology. The colors are very lifelike, as long as they are viewed within this VA panel’s narrow viewing angle.

The active 3D is a nice addition for those who are interested in enjoying 3D content at home. The TV makes it easy on the eyes, but still not as easy as passive 3D. For how often you’re likely to use this feature, it does everything you’d expect from a 3D set.

This set includes Android TV’s large app selection, which is enough on its own to make you want to nix your cable plan. It is accessible by a voice
voice-activated remote control, but the general input lag is noticeable even with remote commands (unless you are on gaming mode).

As for form factor, this TV is thin with a small bezel, but it is somewhat of a delicate panel. You will need to be careful when moving or mounting this set, as its can definitely bend, which could cause issues over time.

The 930D isn’t the perfect 4K TV, but it puts everything it’s got into the categories that counts, and that gets it top marks. Ultimately, there is very little to be upset with considering the awesome picture that you are getting from this TV.

Price: $1,698.00

Buy the Sony XBR55X 930D here.


  • 3D
  • Grid-array local dimming and boosting
  • Wide color gamut


  • So-so build quality
  • High input lag
  • Narrow viewing angle

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9. Best 4K TV for Gaming: Samsung UN49 KS8000

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Though the PC and the PlayStation 4 Pro are the only two gaming sources that can play 4K, 4K gaming is still gaining momentum fast. The key for a solid 4K gaming set is low input lag and a sharp picture.

The Samsung UN49 KS8000 does exactly that, displaying crystal clear 4K content (and solid upscaled content) with only 20.9 ms of input lag. This was measured in game mode, which disables all non-essential overlays and features for the fastest reaction time.

Even without extra overlays, the KS8000 has a rich and accurate color palette, and captures dynamic motion with ease. It has a native refresh rate of 120Hz, and doesn’t suffer from judder from any sources.

Its glossy screen resists reflection well, but it is a VA panel, so it has a fairly limited viewing angle. The screen gets quite bright, but its edge-lit screen is prone to a small amount of light bleed.

This is not the best value in its price range, but it has an equal performance value to its successor, the Samsung UN55 KS9000. It has an average selection of streamable content and apps, displays a great picture, and it will help you stomp noobs online.

Price: $1,097.99 (27 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Samsung UN49 KS8000 here.


  • Low input lag for gaming
  • Rich and accurate colors
  • Excellent motion and upscaling at 120Hz native


  • Small amount of light bleed
  • Narrow viewing angle

Find more Samsung UN49 KS8000 information and reviews here.

10. Best 4K OLED TV: LG OLED55 B6P

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LG is known for producing high quality OLEDs which almost universally outperform LEDs and LCDs in every category. OLEDs offer superior color, contrast, motion processing, and viewing angles, and will continue to define the high-end of picture quality.

But of the few available, the cheapest one, the LG B6, is probably the best choice. Despite not having the sleek picture-on-glass design of its counterpart the OLED55E6P, the B6P gets all the benefits of the improved display type and a similar thin form factor.

This surprisingly slim TV delivers a seriously unbelievable picture, combining Wide Color Gamut with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR compatibility. It has a 120Hz native refresh rate, but handles motion flawlessly, leaving the picture indescribably accurate.

Blacks are actually black, and the screen has better max brightness levels than LED and LCD screens, even though max brightness was something OLEDs were criticized for when they first came out. It has a wide viewing angle and no glare issues.

The Web OS smart TV system is a great way to get immediate use out of this TV, as they only time you won’t be enjoying the picture quality of this screen is when you aren’t using it.

Price: $2,497.00 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LG OLED55 B6P Smart TV here.


  • Wide viewing angle with no glare
  • High contrast with perfect blacks
  • Lifelike wide color gamut


  • High price tag

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