Vine Stars Who Left Before Twitter Shut It Down

Vine six seconds fame

Vine is known for its looping six-second videos

In shutting down Vine, Twitter will follow in the footsteps of stars like Justin Bieber who no longer active on the six-second video sharing platform

The app gave users a glimpse into lives of celebrities, and gave them a shot of achieving stardom. The allure of off-the-cuff filming, however, wasn’t enough to keep entertainers like Ariana Grande and Wiz Khalifa from leaving.

Over half of influencers with at least 15,000 followers had not posted on Vine in nearly five months since January, according to study by Markerly, a Texas-based marketing firm. A follow-up study also showed a steep decline in reposts and likes across all users.

Like it or not, Vine fans will have to follow their celebs onto more established (and profitable) social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Here are the top Vine stars in Makerly’s study who gave up on Vine, contributing to its decline.

1. Justin Bieber

Follower count: 4,935,582
Total Loops: 995,073,041
Posts: 133
Last Vine: 2016 January 27

2. Ariana Grande

Follower count: 4,597,781
Total Loops:151,357,623
Posts: 181
Last Vine: 2014 September 30

3. Hayes Grier

Follower count: 4,382,196
Total Loops: 360,524,850
Posts: 219
Last Vine: 2015 November 29

4. WeeklyChris

Follower count: 3,958,600
Total Loops: 1,172,721,724
Posts: 289
Last Vine: 2015 December 19

5. Jennette McCurdy

Follower count: 2,697,051
Total Loops: 92,717,401
Posts: 247
Last Vine: 2014 June 5

6. Wiz Khalifa

Follower count: 2,653,029
Total Loops: 227,788,685
Posts: 308
Last Vine: 2015 March 23

7. Bo Burnham

Follower count: 2,200,000
Total Loops: 153,203,989
Posts: 89
Last Vine: 2014 January 27

8. Ansel Elgort

Follower count: 2,258,278
Total Loops: 269,605,701
Posts: 48
Last Vine: 2015 November 3

9. Kevin Hart

Follower count: 2,440,506
Total Loops: 11,464,704
Posts: 10
Last Vine: 2013 June 20

10. Boys of Vine

Follower count: 2,141,804
Total Loops:1,103,751,936
Posts: 499
Last Vine: 2015 December 27

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