9 Best Snapchat Spectacles Videos on Twitter

Those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on a pair of Snap Inc’s video-recording glasses, Spectacles, have shared some pretty awesome footage.

From the lunch run to a mirror illusion, people are using Spectacles to filter out the extraordinary in everyday life moments. While similar to GoPro’s first-person perspective cameras, Spectacles is branded as fashionable wearable tech, and it seems people can’t get enough of them. During the SnapBot vending machine’s tour across the United States selling Spectacles pairs of the glasses have gone on resale for upwards of 1000 percent.

SnapBot’s next drop is scheduled on Wednesday morning, but Snap has already begun selling the sunglasses in a pop-up shop in New York, near Central Park. The store will stay open until New Year’s Eve, according to Business Insider.

Notably, Snapchat’s parent-company Snap Inc. describes itself as a camera company instead of a social media platform. Consumers who love Snapchat’s zingy approach should expect the same from Snap, which is about to go public at a value as much as $25 billion. Can’t wait to try on the Spectacles? Here are some creative ways Spectacles owners are using the sunglasses right now.

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