Google Introduces Earth VR: See the World in Virtual Reality

Would you want to explore the world in virtual reality? You could see all the corners of the Earth without leaving your living room. Is that advancement, or does it cheapen real travel experiences? We’ll get to find out for ourselves, because Google Earth just took a huge leap forward with Google Earth VR.

It may be hard to believe, but Google Earth is 10 years old. Many have actually grown up exploring Google Earth, and can’t imagine a world without it. To others, Google Earth still seems like a brand-new resource. With a simple download, users can explore the world through a computer screen. But still, that screen is a barrier, even with over two billion downloads. Users couldn’t really pretend they were there. Enter: Virtual Reality.

According to a statement from Google, users will be able to “fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, and even soar into space” with Earth VR.

Currently. Google Earth VR is free on Steam, and according to Google’s statement, the program will be released on the HTC Vive first, with other platforms coming into the picture next year.

This isn’t a simple VR video that can be viewed in any old headset; even Google’s own Daydream headset can’t access this program. The reason it’s being downloaded via Steam, a popular gaming platform, is because it can only be run on dedicated VR headsets like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Playstation VR.



Katherine Enzensperger

My son just showed me this game and he showed me a map of the city and there was a building in the shape of a swastika. This deaply concerns me. I instantly explained to him what the symbol represents and told him was not allowed to look at it or play it ever again. I am apalled and will spread the word. I expect that if you want people to allow their childten to play your games you will remove such horrific content from your games. I am ready to boycott.

Daryn Bogart

Did you take the time to research the ORIGINAL meaning behind the shape or did you automatically consider the shape to be a swastika? I’m curious as to which city you’re referring to as there are likely TRILLIONS of cities on this planet and you’ve only said “the city” in your comment. Are you referring to somewhere in what was formerly East Berlin? If you’re referring to the city of San Diego, CA by chance and you’re referring to the Naval Academy, it is in fact NOT a swastika. That shape is actually a Native American GOOD LUCK charm. Too many people have associated it with the swastika when in fact they are mistaken.

You would do well not to spread hate an ASSumptions based on your own prejudice and ignorance regarding geometric shapes and their origins. Also……Google Earth VR is NOT a game but rather an app (short for application) that allows one to experience a virtual view a given address, city or geographic location. So, you would do well to do some research before going on your holier than thou boycott. Be appalled all you want but rather than immediately spewing nonsense online, maybe you should’ve done some research as the buildings and the overhead views that you see in the app are the actual views as seen from above. It’s called Google Earth for a reason.

You’ve actually done your son a great disservice providing him with FALSE information. Taking a page form your playbook, I am left to surmise that you are a Hillary Clinton and Obama supporter. Seems Nancy Pelosi-like. We must pass it to see what’s in it. Just act without researching. And people then wonder why the American education system has declined in the world rankings from Top 3 to #18.

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