Is Twitter Down?

Is down or malfunctioning?

The site has a huge amount of down reports on, mostly focused in Japan and the East coast of the U.S.

At the time of publication, Twitter had 523 down reports on, but the number is growing rapidly. Ten minutes after the original publication, the number of reports grew to over 1,000.

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The number of reports at Downdetector is growing rapidly. How long will Twitter be down this time? Is this another DDoS attack? (Downdetector)

Here’s a map of the outages so far:

is twitter down, is twitter not working, twitter down, twitter not loading

Downdetector’s map of current Twitter outage reports. (Downdetector)

The site was doing fine until around midnight EST, according to Apparently, the last time Twitter had problems was October 26 — not too long ago, but the site was likely affected by the DDoS attacks in October.