Oracle Buys Dyn: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Oracle announced on November 21, 2016 that it bought Dyn, a leading cloud-based DNS provider. Basically, it’s what allows you to navigate the web. Without DNS services like Dyn, if you types “” into your address bar nothing would happen. In addition to managing DNS services, Dyn basically streamlines internet browsing by speeding up load times.

Dyn isn’t some no-name company, either. It helps to optimize sites like Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, SalesForce and TripAdvisor, according to the company’s site.

You may actually recognize the name Dyn from earlier in 2016, because…

1. Dyn Was the Target of DDoS Attacks in October

Back in October 2016, there was a huge DDoS attack on sites like Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Etsy, CNN and more (see the full list here).

The attack was targeted to Dyn specifically, and affected a wide range of sites. Because Dyn’s DNS services were down, none of the sites could be accessed. It was actually hard for sites to keep up with how many outages there were, and even alerting services like Pingdom had to stop sending out alerts.

Dyn has since recovered, and DDoS attacks haven’t been as much of an issue since.

2. Dyn May Have Sold for $600,000,000+

Dyn, like any tech company worth their salt, started out in a dorm room. It started as a free, open-source project that Jeremy Hitchcock and co-founder Tom Daly created while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The co-founders actually almost shut it down when they were short on cash, Business Insider reported, and had to put up a “donate” button. They raised $40,000 of the $25,000 they asked for. After that, according to Business Insider, the two realized Dyn had to become a real business.

Dyn actually became a reality back in 2001, and has gone through several transformations since. Originally, according to a press release, they wanted to provide remote internet access to users around the world, which was a huge deal back then.

In 2007, they focused on reliable web presence and launched the world’s first cloud-based DNS platform for sites like Twitter, Pandora and Etsy, according to the press release.

In 2014, they started focusing on content and performance data for the sites they manage, wrote Kyle York, Dyn’s Chief Strategy Officer, in a release.

And now in 2016, they are joining Oracle to try to focus more on cloud-based services.

According to Business Insider, Oracle hasn’t officially released the sales price of Dyn yet, but some are reporting that the company may have been bought for upwards of $600 million.

3. Dyn’s DNS Solutions Have Markedly Improved Load Times For Sites Like Twitter

According to a presentation from Oracle, several sites’ load times have been significantly impacted by Dyn’s DNS solutions.

For example, according to Oracle’s presentation, before Dyn the CNBC site had slow load times. With Dyn, the site loads 30% faster. Its CDN, or content delivery system, has also improved drastically with Dyn, with the CDN workload decreasing by 80%.

For Twitter, ad engagements increased by 153% and the site became more reliable as it grew.

4. Dyn is Joining Oracle to Access its Cloud Services

According to Oracle’s Dyn FAQ, it seems like Dyn will remain its own brand for now. The FAQ says that current customers of Dyn should continue to contact their Dyn representatives with any questions. According to the FAQ, Oracle will communicate any changes “through the usual channels.”

Which explains why Dyn’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kyle York, wrote a letter about why Dyn is excited to join Oracle.

Oracle is a cloud-based company. It offers cloud-based solutions to websites around the globe, and Dyn’s DNS management systems will be joining forces with those full-stack Cloud solutions, according to York. “This is an exciting next step and it is one we believe will have a lasting impact on the performance of the internet,” he wrote. “It is an exciting day.”

5. Dyn is Oracle’s Missing Piece

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Dyn joining Oracle means that the cloud computing company will have a much more rounded one-stop shop for cloud computing and internet presence. (Dyn)

According to a presentation by Oracle, Dyn seems to be the missing piece of its cloud services. Oracle already has Database, Computing, Analytics, Storage, Identity and Network based solutions for consumers. However, Dyn will add Internet Performance and DNS-based solutions to its repertoire, making the company a one-stop shop for companies that want complete control over their web presence.

Where could this partnership lead? Who knows? For now, it seems like both companies want to use their alliance to streamline the internet even further.

“Oracle cloud customers will have unique access to Internet performance information that will help them optimize infrastructure costs, maximize application and website-driven revenue, and manage risk,” said York in a statement. “We are excited to join Oracle and bring even more value to our customers as part of Oracle’s cloud computing platform.”

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