Why Was Twitter Down? Another DDoS Attack? Everything You Need To Know

On November 7, starting around midnight Eastern Time, Twitter.com went down. The outage only lasted around 30-45 minutes, but users believe it had to do with WikiLeaks, the U.S. election, and a DDoS attack.

Before the outage, WikiLeaks tweeted about #DNCLeak2, a release of 8263 new emails from the DNC.

It seems to be true that #DNCLeak2 was trending on Twitter before the blackout, but has since been removed from the trends list. A bit after the outage, the hashtag was added to the trends list once again.

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A screencap of Twitter’s U.S. trends taken at 11:54 PM PST on November 6, 2016 (after the outage). The hashtag was missing when Twitter went back up, but it seems to be reinstated. (Twitter)

Many are connecting the #DNCLeak2, which implied the Clintons were responsible for the killing of Vince Foster — whose death was ruled a suicide.

Here are some twitter users’ ideas on the subject:

Do you think Twitter was in on the outage? Do you think the NSA was involved? Leave your thoughts below!

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Do your homework. Investigate Waco government takedown and see for yourself the suspected connection between Vince Foster’s suicide and the Clinton adminisration. You might also want to google, “Clinton deadpool.”

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