Dailymotion Hacked, 85 Million Usernames, Passwords Stolen

More than 85 million passwords and emails from the Dailymotion was hacked, according to Leakedsources.com.

The breach notification service revealed on Monday that a hacker had extracted data from the video sharing site. While usernames and emails were clearly visible in sample records, only 18 million passwords were shown in data sent to CSO Online. Passwords for only only about one in five accounts were available, but even those passwords were protected because they were scrambled through a bcrypt hashing function, which can resist brute force attacks.

The hack occurred around October 20 and the identity of the hacker is unknown, according to ZDNet. To verify the authenticity of the hack, the tech news site cross-checked plain-text and hashed passwords against email addresses. They found a password and email combination unique to Dailymotion. Representatives from the majority owner of Dailymotion have not responded to requests for comment CSO Online reports.

Reporter Zack Whittaker noted that the damage would be minimized due to security precautions.

But because of the password security and that only a portion of the accounts had associated passwords, the damage is somewhat limited for Dailymotion customers.




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