Strategy: 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

slither io hacks cheats tricks

Anyone with skin in the game has their bag of tricks for growing longer at the expense of others.

In this snake-eat-snake video game, the advantage naturally goes to the smaller snakes, who not only have less to lose, but also greater mobility. Giant snakes, on the other hand, are more likely to run into other snakes.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your ten seconds of fame on’s leaderboard.

1. Juke Out Your Opponents

slither io hacks cheats tricks

Cutting off another snake is perhaps the most popular way of growing longer. This tactic is especially useful for mid-sized snakes (over 100 length) that can use their tail as an obstacle while avoiding those of other snakes. Successful execution requires good timing as well as anticipation since your opponent is probably thinking the same thing as you are. Set up the juke by going head to head with another snake. Make a slight turn away from it before speeding in front of the other snake.

2. Steal Kills From Bigger Snakes

slither io hacks cheats tricks

Let’s face it. Sometimes you got to eat someone else’s dinner to make it big. While it’s acceptable to steal kills from any snake (just make sure to change your name when respawning) there’s more food to be had in a crowd of larger snakes. Most of the action in happens in the center of the game board, so this is a good place for little snakes to earn their stripes. A common mistake beginners make is rushing to the scene of a fresh kill straight into oncoming traffic. Though there’s a first-mover advantage a safer and possibly more rewarding strategy is waiting for the initial madness to die down before cleaning up the scene.

3. Pin The Enemy

slither io hacks cheats tricks

Use the size of bigger snakes as a barrier to pin other snakes against. Since many snakes like to ride-along big snakes, an adept player can easily squeeze the victim into a tight spot. This tactic usually works when there’s plenty of space for you to work with. I wouldn’t recommend this move in a crowded field, since you’re more likely to run into another snake yourself.

4. Lure Victims With Food

slither io hacks cheats tricks

Instead of immediately scooping up the remains of a fresh kill, you can use it as bait to reap more food. The sight of colorful food is usually enough to see a mad dash to the source. As the snake gobbles up its (your) winnings, encircle the snake. This strategy usually works on smaller prey since you need to be quick enough to trap them. One way to make this process easier is to wrap yourself around the bait to begin with so encircling the victim becomes easier.

5. Trap Another Snake

slither io hacks cheats tricks

If you’ve gotten to the point where cutting off snakes is no longer a safe option, encircling the enemy is your best bet. This move requires some patience and coordination, as the victim can wait you out as you draw smaller circles. Also, clever snakes can make your life difficult by staying close to your snake, making it harder to close the circle.

Feel free to share your own strategies below in the comments!

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