WikiLeaks Vault 7: What Is 7z or 7Zip? [LINK]

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WikiLeaks is releasing Vault 7 at 9 a.m. Eastern tomorrow, but they’ve already provided a link for people in the public to download a torrent file that they can then “unpack” using 7Zip. Rumors have been circulating the Internet about what Vault 7 could be, but no one is really sure yet. But what is 7 Zip? We do know that.

Here’s what you need to know.

7z isn’t anything that confusing, even though WikiLeaks refers to it in their tweets. In fact, it’s a commonly known program. It refers to 7 Zip, a program used to unarchive files.

7-Zip is an open source¬†utility used to compress or unpack archived files. It uses its own archive format called 7z, but the program can also read other archive formats too. Apparently WikiLeaks prefers the 7z archive format and used that for their latest release. 7-Zip is what you will need to open WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 file. However, you’ll also need WikiLeaks’ passphrase, released tomorrow at 9 a.m. Eastern, to finish the process and read the file.

To find 7-Zip programs, just search for 7-zip on Google. A particularly popular one is here.

To open a 7z file on a Mac, WikiLeaks recommends this:

Read more about Vault 7 below:




Really? Of all the possible stories to come out of this, you went with the one about what a fairly common piece of software is? Why does this article exist? If you arent familiar with 7zip and file compression, then the vault 7 leaks are probably gonna be a bit above your tech level too.

Brigham Kathleen

So in reality what we have here is Russia starting a smoke screen for a failing Trump administration.

The whole Trump presidency is going be marred by one disaster after another. His entire cabinet is practically a recruitment poster for ISIS. They are as happy for Trump to be president as Vlad is.

Fortunately for the Donald, he inherits an America that is doing better than ever. Thanks to Obama, we have record unemployment numbers, record stock market highs, low gas prices, legalized gay marriage, low health insurance costs (mine is less than 100/month thanks to Obamacare), low car insurance costs (mine is just 25/month from Insurance Panda), low mortgage rates, high consumer confidence, legalized marijuana (almost), and more personal freedoms than ever before!

Trump, on the other hand, picks another ignorant right wing fascist with mental health issues for his administration. We are in trouble, America!


haha you cannot be serious….doing better under Obama- what a joke, had to come from a female.

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