Apple TV 4K vs Amazon Fire TV with 4K: Comparison

Getty Apple TV 4K for sale in San Francisco, California

Amazon unveiled a new version of their Fire TV with 4K at a surprise event on September 27. Apple launched their Apple TV 4K the week before. Both products are set top boxes that are made to compete with competitors like Roku.

So how do the products compare?

Both products bring 4K HDR support for movies and TV. Both products also support Wi-Fi and the most recent HDMI standard. They also both have thousands of ready-to-download apps like Netflix, HBO and Hulu and come with remote controls to navigate the on-screen experience. The main difference between the products is the price point, with the Amazon Fire TV with 4K coming in at over $100 less than the Apple TV 4K.

It’s worth noting that these products can both be upgraded via software updates in the future. Though the Amazon Fire 4K TV launches with support for a better sound system, it’s likely that its Apple counterpart will get that feature at some point in the future.

The Apple TV 4K comes with more onboard storage. The Fire 4K TV has only 8GB of space compared to the 32 GB or 64GB boasted by Apple. That being said, most of the features used on these products don’t require much space for storage. Streaming services like Netflix and iTunes don’t download anything other than the application to your device. If you do a lot of downloading apps, movies, or podcasts, then the Apple is better for you. If you don’t do much downloading, then the Fire TV’s 8GB should be plenty. Also, if you buy a Fire TV, you get unlimited free cloud storage of Amazon content.

For those lucky enough to have Gigabit ethernet, which many people do not have, the Apple TV 4K supports that right out of the box. To use Gigabit ethernet with the Amazon Fire 4K TV, the consumer must purchase an adapter sold by Amazon for $15.

For which product to purchase, it depends on what the consumer wants in their home. The products have similar features, but there are certain features on each of the devices that may sway someone one way or the other.

Specs Apple TV 4K Fire 4k TV
Price $179/$199 $69.99
Storage 32 GB/64 GB 8 GB
Resolution 2160p 2160p
Processor A10X Fusion 2.38 GHz
Amlogic 1.5GHz Quad-core
Voice Control With included Siri remote
or iOS Apple TV app
With included Alexa voice remote,
iOS app and hands free with
Echo device
Sound Support Up to Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
Surround Sound
Up to Dolby Atmos

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