Side by Side Comparison: Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot

Google Home Mini

Getty The Google Home Mini comes in 3 colors.

The Google Home Mini was announced at Google’s big event on October 4. Now that we know more about the product, it seems like a good time to compare it to the Amazon Echo Dot since the products are similar and people in the market for a smart speaker may be trying to decide which to purchase.

The Google Home Mini is a small, affordable version of their previous smart speaker the Google Home. The product was probably made in order to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot, the mini, reasonably-priced version of the Amazon Echo.

While the Amazon Echo Dot has been on the market for longer, Google’s smart speaker may compete in sales with it because of its affordability and super-smart, forever-learning Google Assistant. The Echo Dot has Alexa built in, but reports say that Google’s artificial intelligence is smarter than Amazon’s.

Both speakers are always listening and readily respond to voice commands.

Here are the specifications of the products to help you decide between the two:

Amazon Echo Dot Google Home Mini
Price $50 $50
Size 3.3 inch diameter
1.3 inch height
3.86 inch diameter
1.65 inch height
Weight 5.7 oz 6.1 oz
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Streaming Yes No
Voice Controls Amazon Alexa Google Assistant

The specs look pretty similar on the two products, but the Amazon Echo Dot has a 3.5 mm audio output port and buttons for volume, actions and mute. The audio output port allows users to plug their own speakers into it. You won’t find any of these features on the Google Home Mini. The Google Home Mini has touch controls and a microphone switch. The microphone switch might be a selling point for Google’s product with people worried about security since turning the switch means that the assistant won’t be listening to you.

The other major difference is that the Amazon device comes with Amazon Alexa and the Google device comes with the Google Assistant. The devices will work with different smart devices as well, so make sure yours is compatible before you purchase either. Amazon’s list can be found here and Google’s can be found here.