Google Pixel Event Event Live Stream: Watch Oct. 4 Event Online Here

Today is the big Google Pixel 2 unveiling at 9 a.m. Pacific (11 a.m. Central/Noon Eastern.) You can watch a live stream of this event on the YouTube video above.

Google is expected to make quite a few announcements for this event. They’ll be introducing the Google Pixel 2, and likely introducing a Pixel 2 XL too. These next-gen phones may be partnering with HTC and LG, running Android Oreo OS and — just like Apple — may be dropping the headphone jack. They may also be water resistant and have improved cameras. We may also see the Google Home Mini, the Google Pixelbook, and new Daydream VR headsets. We may also see Android 8.1 and Google Lens, along with Home Max smart speakers.

The Google Pixelbook is rumored to have a pressure-sensitive stylus and run Chrome OS. But it might be a more expensive addition to the bunch.

Google Home Mini and Max, meanwhile, could be competitors for Amazon Echo. The Home Max may come with stereo speakers if introduced.

Google fans are always hoping that Magic Leap, the secretive augmented reality company that Google invested in, might share an update, but so far we haven’t heard any news about this. Magic Leap did update its Facebook page at the end of September with a new logo and new profile photo. And they answered one fan’s question with a mysterious, “News coming” message.

If you can’t wait for the event to start, read Heavy’s story below about what might be happening.

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