Google’s Pixel 2 Event: What to Expect

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Google is holding their second Google Pixel event on October 4 to announce their newest products. After Apple’s iPhone X reveal last month and Amazon’s new Echo speakers, Google will be unveiling devices to compete with both of these products.

What should we expect from this year’s event?

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

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Google’s newest phones are expected to be called the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, and it’s rumored that they’re in partnership with HTC and LG. Last year’s Pixel used Google Assistant and had one of the best cameras on smartphones.

It’s speculated that these phones will have no headphone jack and that they’ll be water resistant. Rumors have the Pixel 2XL as the bigger upgrade between phones. It’s rumored to be getting a new screen design close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The phones will compete with the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. According to a report from Android Authority, owners of Pixel smartphones will have access to unlimited cloud storage.

Google Pixelbook

Last year’s event didn’t announce a laptop or a tablet, but it looks like this year we’re going to get one product that’s a combination of the two. The Pixelbook will likely be a two-in-one laptop powered by Chrome OS. It’s also rumored that the Pixelbook will have the Google Assistant built-in, allowing for voice control.

In contrast to the Google Chromebook’s cheap price point, the Google Pixelbook is rumored to cost $1,200 for 128GB. It will be a competitive alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Book. The Pixelbook will reportedly come with a special pressure-sensitive, tilt-sensitive stylus dubbed the “Pixelbook Pen.

According to a leak, there may be some new accessories being announced along with the Pixelbook. The website that showed the product for sale listed something called a “Google Clip” along with it. If that actually points to anything, we’ll definitely find out more about this during the October 4 presentation.

Google Home Mini

There are rumors that Google will announce two separate speakers at this week’s event. The Google Home Max and the Google Home Mini will offer a higher-end audio experience. Google is reportedly creating a new version of its current smart speaker.

There aren’t many leaks regarding the Google Home Max, but the Mini is supposed to be announced at the event. Images of the Google Home Mini have leaked and suggest that google is going after Amazon’s “Echo Dot.” The Google Home Mini will be pebble-shaped with a fabric speaker grill at the top and a plastic base at the bottom.

The speakers will reportedly come in three color combinations: charcoal, coral, and chalk. Unlike many products that have been released in recent months, the Google Home Mini will have to be plugged in. Reportedly, the Google Home Mini will cost $49. There aren’t enough details on the larger speaker to know price point or specs, but it’s expected to be talked about at the event.

Other Announcements

It’s likely that Google will announce a new VR headset, the Daydream View, but it’s unclear whether there will be a real update to the software or just new color choices. It’s rumored that this headset will cost $99, and it will work with Google’s new Pixel phones.

According to engadget, Google may be planning to announce new assistant headphones. The Google Assistant has been popping up in many places lately, so Google may have decided to make their own pair. With the new Pixels rumored to be without headphone jack, this may be the wireless solution consumers will be looking for.

There will likely be surprise announcements at Wednesday’s event, and all specs for the new products will be revealed. It’ll be interesting to see what Google has come up with to compete with the new products that have been announced by other companies in advance of the 2017 holiday season.


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