Apple Unveils Latest Emojis

In a press release today Apple showed off hundreds of new emoji. The emoji include smiley faces and gender-neutral clothing options. There may be battery swelling issues in the newest iPhone, but at least there will be these fun emojis to make up for it.

The new emoji will debut next week in the developer and beta previews of iOS 11.

To get the new emojis, all you have to do is download iOS 11.1 when it releases. Software updates that include the new emojis will be available on iOS, macOS and watchOS.

AppleSome new animals are included in the new set of emojis.

They will be coming to iPhone and iPad with the iOS 11.1 update.

Apple originally announced some of these characters on July 17 for World Emoji Day. The emoji unveiled on that day included Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person and Breastfeeding. There were also food items like sandwich and coconut.

If you’re a more animal-centric person, this update comes with a T-Rex emoji and a Zebra. They’ll be fun for anyone that’s able to get the new update.

AppleSome new emoji that will be coming with iOS 11.1

The new emoji will definitely be available on the all Mac devices. The iPhone X may get more fun emojis with the new animoji that use facial recognition. Those Animoji are available directly within the messenger app. The emojis that will be available for this will keep growing, but it’s confirmed that they will have monkeys, cats, dogs, aliens, and of course the poop emoji.

The Apple iPhone X, pronounced iPhone ten, releases at the end of this month. Some analysts have said that consumers may be holding off on the iPhone 8 and waiting for the iPhone X instead, which will be available for pre-order on October 27. It will be officially released on November 3 Some sources say those phones may not ship on time due to a lack of production materials, so consumers may not be able to pick up their iPhone X until early 2018.

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