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Apple’s newest operating system update was released on October 5. The update is the newest version of Apple’s iOS 11, which reportedly brought problems, followed by iOS 11.0.1, which also brought issues. Looking at Apple Support’s Twitter page, it’s clear that iOS 11.0.2 did not fix many issues and may have instead caused more.

The patch notes of iOS 11.0.2 outlined the updates.

Fixes an issue where crackling sounds may occur during calls for a small number of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices
Addresses an issue that could cause some photos to become hidden
Fixes an issue where attachments in S/MIME encrypted emails would not open

There is a consistent stream of Twitter users complaining to Apple support about the new update draining their battery life, which is on top of the issues that came out of the previous iOS update. Some users are saying that reverting to a previous version of iOS solved their problems, but the support page on Twitter says that’s not possible; however, Mashable has a guide on how to downgrade here.

There are also complaints on a Reddit thread about the update.

Here are some examples:

Reddit user u/kaboom_2 says: “Hey guys, don’t you have problem with the battery drainage? My iPhone 7 was fully charged an hour ago after an hour of regular talk-net use it’s dropped to 60%.”

Reddit user u/WarbellSteezy says: “From my experience, iOS 11.0.2 has been disastrous as well. I went back to iOS 10.3.3 and luckily I had a recent backup for it as backups upon upgraded to iOS 11 are not compatible.”

The previous update to iOS 11.0.1 was also proven to cause drains on the iDevice batteries.

There are also complaints that certain apps aren’t working well with the update, but that could be an issue with the app itself and not the new iOS. Some problems were also fixed. For some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners, the speakers were previously omitting crackling sounds during calls. That issue should be fixed with the new update.

This update comes on the heels of a watchOS update that was also supposed to fix issues with an operating system. Read about the watchOS update from Heavy here:

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