WhatsApp: How to Tell if You’ve Been Blocked

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WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service that can be used on iOS, Android and most other operation systems. The service has continued to grow, with more people using the app now than ever before.

It can be difficult to tell if you’ve been blocked on the app, since there is no obvious indication of the fact. According to WhatsApp’s FAQ page, the reason that they don’t explicitly tell you if you’ve been blocked is because they want to protect your privacy.

Here are a few ways to tell if you’ve been blocked:

  1. 1. You’ll no longer be able to see the contact’s “last seen or online” in the chat window.
  2. 2. You won’t see any updates to the person’s profile photo.
  3. 3. The messages you send to a contact will always only show one check mark (indicating your message has been sent,) and never update to two check marks (indicating that your message has been delivered.) If the chat stays on 1 checkmark for too long, that’s a good indication that you have been blocked.
  4. 4. Any calls placed to the contact will not go through.

Of course, if you do see all of these things, it could mean the person has deleted the app or the app isn’t working for some reason.

If you block someone, their messages will never be delivered to you. You will no longer be able to call or send messages or status updates to blocked contacts. Blocking someone, however, will not remove the contact from your list or their list in their phone. To delete a contact in WhatsApp, you have to delete their contact from your phone.

WhatsApp is a “freeware” messaging service that doesn’t use your phone plan, instead using the Internet to make voice or video calls, send text messages or other items. Location sharing has been available through the app for awhile, but there was recently a new update that allows real-time location sharing services. Read more from Heavy on how to use those services here.

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