iPhone X: Will There be an iPhone X Plus?

Getty The iPhone X will release on November 3.

Apple announced its new line of phones in September. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have already been on sale and released for months, and the iPhone X pre-order begins on October 27.

All recent iPhones have gotten a plus version, so it seemed strange to some when the iPhone X was announced without a plus version attached to it. Since the iPhone X will be available for pre-order soon, it’s clear that if the iPhone X does get a Plus version, it won’t be this year.

According to a report from 9 to 5 mac, the tech giant may be working on a larger model of the OLED iPhone X. The report states that Apple may be adding a model that has a screen larger than 6 inches next year. The report also seemed to state that there would be a separate OLED model launching next year.

iDropNews shared a report detailing what next year’s phone may look like and detailing that these screens may be almost 6.5″ if the new phone gets released. It may have been designed to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones and other “phablets.”

Based on Apple’s recent releases, it could be expected that an iPhone X Plus would look very similar to its counterpart, and that design will likely carry over to 2019’s iPhones as well. The iPhone X Plus will probably just have a larger screen.

It’s also expected that an iPhone X Plus would have more RAM and a faster speed than the iPhone X.

It’s likely that the iPhone X Plus will be announced next year if it is going to be released. Of course, since there’s no official announcement, it’s impossible to be sure whether the leaks regarding Apple’s plans to work on a larger phone is for an iPhone X Plus or a different project. If the phone it is released in 2018, we can expect it to have a price point of over $1,000.

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