Aukey 35W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


Bluetooth speakers vary in price, and sometimes it seems as if the cheaper you go, the worse sound quality you get. Usually, good sound will cost you more than $100. Lower than that, and you’ll start to get into lower quality, buzzy and ugly audio. With a list price of $89.99, Aukey’s newest bluetooth speaker, the Aukey 35W, is relatively cheap.

Is the speaker worth buying?

Specs and Design

The Aukey Bluetooth speaker arrived in a cardboard box that had nothing but the product name and image printed in black on the box. After opening the box, I discovered the speaker, a USB charging cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable along with a user manual. It didn’t have much in the box, but it didn’t seem like much was needed to operate the system.

When it comes to design, the speaker is the usual black box. I was a little surprised at the size of the wireless speaker. The speaker is 9.92 inches long, 4.79 inches tall, and 2.29 inches wide. While that seems pretty small, it does take up a little bit more space than I expected it to on my shelf.

There are buttons on the top for power, volume, skipping and rewinding. There is an LED indicator for when the power is on, which was good because it took me a few tries to get the product to turn on in the first place, but I think that’s because I needed to charge it first.

As far as specification goes, according to the Amazon page, there are 2 10W drivers and one 15W woofer in the speaker. The speaker streams using Bluetooth 4.2, or you can connect your phone or laptop to the speaker in order to stream directly to the speaker. Aukey says that speaker has an 18-hour battery life, but I haven’t been able to test the speaker for long enough to see how accurate that is.

One of the cool things about this speaker is that it doubles as a power bank for your devices. You can plug your phone in to the speaker with the provided cord, and your device will charge while it plays music.


The performance of the speaker was better than I had originally expected. The sound comes through steadily and smoothly. It’s loud enough that I could hear it while cleaning in the other room and it doesn’t seem to distort noise at higher volumes.

The bass was more than satisfactory as far as I tested it. The speaker compares favorably to the speakers that are at the same or even double the price range.

I didn’t run into any Bluetooth issues while using the speaker, but I also didn’t take my phone too far away from the speaker.

The speaker comes with a 24-month warranty if you’re too worried about sound quality.


Of course, this speaker isn’t going to be the best thing you’ve ever heard, but for a $90 speaker, it was more than I expected. Since the holiday season is coming up and people might be in the market for an affordable Bluetooth speaker, this speaker could be a great choice for a gift.

Disclosure: Aukey provided a speaker to Heavy for review.

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