Top 5 Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Gaming Computer Deals


For those looking for a gaming laptop or desktop, Amazon has delivered some solid deals this Black Friday. On this list, we have models from Asus, Skytech, and other big brands known for their quality and high-spec PCs. If you’re in the market for a gaming PC, some factors to consider are how fast of a processor you want, the graphics card you need, and how much RAM you’d like (mainly for multitasking; gaming tends to only need 8GB max).

Here’s the best Amazing Black Friday Gaming Computer Deals.

1. Asus 15.6″, GTX 1060, 7700HQ – 20% Off


For those who want an all around performer, this Asus 15.6″ laptop offers great value. First of all, it has a top of the line mobile processor, the i7-7700HQ. This, along with its 16GB of RAM mean that it’s fully cut out for multi-tasking, exporting video, and processing photos efficiently. In terms of gaming, this PC is also formidable, boasting a GTX 1050 which can play modern games at low to medium graphical settings.
Another great benefit to this PC: it has dual hard drives. Boasting a 128GB drive for the OS means that everything runs all the more quickly. That said, having a one terabyte data drive is nice for storing an abundance of games, media, and anything a user would want.

Price: $999

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2. Skytech ArchAngel GTX 1050Ti, FX 6300 – 20% Off


For those looking to get a desktop gaming PC, this Skytech model offers a ton of features. One that’s fairly unique is its DVD drive; this can be nice for those will still use disk media. This PC is just an all-around great gaming computer, however. It boasts GTX 1050Ti, which can play modern games at low to medium settings. On top of this, it has a six core FX-6300 which is plenty fast for gaming. That said, it’s not as good as most i7 processors or other high-end Intel models. Therefore, this may not be the best PC for general workstation applications. Beyond this, this PC has 8GB of RAM, which is great for multitasking and will handle any video game just fine. The hard drive is also one terabyte which is plenty of space for most users.


Price: $599.99

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3. Asus Vivobook GTX 1050 – 7700HQ – Only $979


This attractive Vivobook is the deal of the moment. While it is slightly less powerful than the first laptop on our list, the GTX 1050 is a very competent graphics card. Beyond this, it boasts a small build profile which can make it easier for some to carry around. Another nice benefit here is this PC’s 256GB SSD (plus one terabyte data drive). That’s plenty of space for most users and with a good chunk of it being fast acting. The keyboard is also backlit which can be nice for those late night sessions.


Price: $979

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4. Asus ROG Strix PC – 26% Off


Now for those who want a monstrous desktop replacement, this ROG Strix pulls absolutely zero punches. It has a GTX 1070, a veritable desktop graphics card, a powerful i7-7700HQ processor, and a dual hard drive setup (128GB SSD + 1TB HDD). While the GTX 1070 alone sets this PC apart, it truly wouldn’t matter all that much unless one could use it. Amazingly, this PC makes that possible. Its display is 75hz meaning one can actually play modern games at high to ultra settings and view them at a faster than usual framerate.
This is a great deal for users who are serious about gaming and need the fast framerate.


Price: $1249.99

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5. CyberPowerPC Xtreme VR – Only $829.99


This CyberpowerPC has a great i5 processor and a GTX 1060 with a dual hard drive setup. It’s not the best deal in terms of price reduction today (only 6%) but for those who want a powerful desktop with these kinds of specs, it’s nice to lop a bit off the price. It boasts 8GB of RAM and a GTX 1060, meaning it should be able to play most games at low or medium settings.


Price: $829.99

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