Top 5 Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Smartphone Deals

Black Friday is a great time to buy a smartphone. On this list, we’ve included models by Samsung, Huawei, and we’ve even threw in a few accessories (nothing sweetens a gift like a well placed smart phone accessory).

Here’s the 5 best Amazon Black Friday smartphone deals.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 – 21% Off


The Samsung S8 is on sale today at over 20% off. It boasts an infinity display, a high resolution camera (8MP front, 12MP rear) and internal memory of 64GB, which should be plenty for pictures, videos and other data. Plus, it has 4GB of RAM so it’s formidable for doing multiple things at the same time. Users love it for its great battery life (largely thanks to its AMOLED screen), fast processor, and excellent recording capabilities.

Price: $574.99

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2. Prepaid TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (Free $40 Airtime Included)- 40% Off


For those looking for a new prepaid phone, this Samsung Galaxy J3 is on sale today at 40% off. This Android phone has a quad core processor and boots Android Marshmellow. This promotional package also includes a solid amount of usage: 1000 minutes, 2000 texts, and 2GB of data (included with 60 days of service). Users love it for its large screen and cheap price. One minor drawback is its lack of a built-in memo app; that said, this can be easily remedied by downloading “Google Keep” from the Play Store.

Price: $59.99
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3. Huawei Mate 9 – 20% Off


This Huawei Mate 9 offers some great features that one just doesn’t see on other smart phones. For one, it fully integrates with Amazon Alexa. It also has a 4000maH battery, meaning that it has one of the longest battery lives on the market. Another great feature is Huawei’s supercharge technology, which allows the phone to be fully charged in around 20 minutes.
This phone also has an excellent Leica camera that shoots 12 megapixel color photos or 20 megapixel black and white. It’s praised as excellent. Users also love the phone for its gaming abilities; it has a fast processor too.

Price: $399.99
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4. Anker PowerCore 13000 – Only $23.90


There’s one thing every smart phone has in common: they all need more power. This Anker unit will charge most smartphones two or three times. It’s super handy for long trips, being out and about town, or simply not desiring to be attached to your wall at home. It normally retails for around $30.00, so this is a nice cost savings and a gift that almost everyone will find immensely practical.

Price: $23.90

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5. SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD Card – 43% off


Sandisk is having a large memory sale right now on Amazon. Check it out here. That said, in particular for smart phones, Micro SD cards allow users of many Android phones to expand their memory. Well, now has never been a better time to expand. This card offers a large amount of capacity and at one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. It’s a great deal for those with expandable memories on their smart phones.

Price: $29.99

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