Review: Libratone Q Adapt USB-C Earbuds


Since Google’s new phones got rid of the headphone jack, it only made sense for them to partner up with companies to create headphones that worked well with their new phones.

The launch of the new Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL also marked the launch of Google’s new “Made for Google” program, where products will have a “Made for Google” tag on the box, signalling that the products work best with Google phones.

Even though Bluetooth headphones are a great option for many, and it makes sense to use Bluetooth if you don’t have access to headphones with a USB-C adapter, if you’d prefer wired headphones that will never need to be charged, the Libratone Q Adapt USB-C Earbuds may be the headphones for you.

Sound Quality

‌The remote on the headphones allows you to control noise cancellation.

Of course, the sound is the most important thing when it comes to headphones. These headphones did not disappoint. While the sound may not be life-altering or mind-blowing, it is clear and accurate.

Everything with these headphones seems very balanced. The sound doesn’t put too much emphasis on certain frequencies and the bass is clear but not overpowering. That probably means that people who really love thumping the bass won’t enjoy these headphones as much as they may some other options, but it’s a great solution for people who like things in the more balanced range.

One of the main selling points for these headphones is the noise cancelling aspect of the product that works best with the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. The earbuds feature “CityMix” noise cancellation, which means the cancellation does what you want it to do. Sometimes it cancels almost nothing out, but at the most extreme, you won’t be able to hear anything other than your music.

At the first level of cancellation, you can still hear what’s going on around you. By the time you get to the highest level of noise cancellation, you can’t really hear anything but your music, which would be great for you to have if you’re trying to study or walking around town and want to tune out for a little while.

Controlling the noise cancellation system is pretty simple. You can do it through the Libratone app or use the button on the remote. The top button on the remote allows you to cycle through the 4 levels of cancellation.

The noise cancellation feature works really well, and it is active as soon as you plug in the headphones. Being able to cancel out sound around you is really helpful when you’re trying to tune out or just sit around with your music.

Another cool feature of the headphones is the “hush” mode, which immediately turns off your noise cancellation and your music so you can talk to people without taking out your earbuds. It’s easy to use and quick to access.

Google Assistant Use

The remote on the headphones also has a button in between the volume controls. A long press of the button triggers the Google Assistant.

The first time you use the Google Assistant with your headphones, you’ll need to grant permission on your phone, so the assistant on the headphones is really just an extension of what you already have on your phone. For what it is, it works really well.

Quality, Fit and Comfort

‌The headphones come with different tips for your comfort.

These headphones come with different sets of tips, including one that is designed for use when active and has wings for more grip.

The tips on the earphones when they came was right for me, but I also tested the active ones to see how well they worked. I was pleasantly surprised that the extra support made sure that the headphones stayed in place no matter what I was doing, and I felt very secure wearing these, knowing they weren’t going to fall out.

The headphones themselves have an upscale braided feel that feels better than plain plastic or rubber that you’d get on a $5 pair of gas station headphones. The placing of the microphone and remote feels intuitive.

As far as quality, these earbuds worked great with the Google Pixel 2 XL that I used them with. I ran into no hiccups or issues in my time testing the headphones.


These headphones were great, but they are a little pricey. With a $149 price point, I’d expect to get some really great features. I loved the noise cancellation on these earbuds, but if that’s not something that you feel you really need, then you’re probably better off buying a cheaper pair of headphones.

Disclosure: A pair of headphones were provided for review.

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