11 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Cases

Both the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus are incredibly powerful phones, which sport some serious upgrades to their onboard cameras, internal processors, and fingerprint scanner. These features all contribute to the respective high price tags of these phones, even as they cede the spotlight to the Galaxy S10. Despite their sturdy grames and IP68 rating for water resistance, we still recommend protecting your phone with the best Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases.

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the rear fingerprint sensor has moved just enough that you can't fit an S8 case on unless it's a bumper-only case. That said, you'll want to have a new case ready as soon as you get your new phone.

But do you really need a case when the S9 and the S9 Plus have thicker frames and stronger glass screens than their predecessors? And how about the fact that they are both fully IP68-rated for water resistance?

Most consumers agree the answer is yes. According to a study conducted by the NPD Group, 75% of smartphone owners use a protective case.

And the reason why is clear. Smartphone cases offer some obvious benefits.

Most are made from durable and shock-resistant materials that can protect your phone while still allowing access to ports and the S9's wireless charging function.

The best smartphone cases have enough of a bezel to protect your front screen and rear dual camera without adding too much bulk.

Some cases even offer added benefits like kickstands, wallet slots, and belt clips. Best of all, they are an inexpensive piece of insurance against life's little misfortunes. Outside of tech, that option doesn't exist.

These features are why a quality phone case is a must-have accessory for both the S9 and the S9 Plus. If you're not sure which case is right for you, we've listed ten choices that stand out above the competition.

Be sure to keep your own personal needs in mind as you narrow down the best Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus case for your needs.

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