11 Cheap Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases Worth Buying

They say you get what you pay for, but in the instance of smartphone cases, you don’t need to pay much to get the necessities. All you really need to protect your phone is a cleverly shaped piece of TPU plastic, contoured to protect the edges of your phone and to provide a bezel to protect your screen.

Some cases offer extra benefits like kickstands, card slots, and textured surfaces, but all said and done, a proper phone case shouldn’t cost more than $20.

To prove it, we’ve scoured the web for ten great protective case options that can be found on the cheap. These slim cases barely add any thickness to your phone and impart a unique style on the nearly bezel-less S9.

Just don’t think that because cases are inexpensive, that they are also unnecessary. Samsung’s S9 may be tough, but you don’t want to regularly drop your $750 phone. Be smart and don’t skip out on a phone case.

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