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5 Best Thunderbolt 3 Hard Drives

Many of us find us in a war against storage. As a video editor, gamer, audio producer, or anyone who simply has a lot of large files, hard drives seem to go by fast. Perhaps you’re in the same situation as me, constantly checking the “properties” of your Windows drives; or in Apple-land, inspecting your “About This Mac” to see how much space your stupid System files are taking up.

Fortunately, Thunderbolt 3 offers us an escape into the promise land of high-speed data rates and huge storage spaces. In this article we’ll cover a few types of drives including SSD, HDD, RAID, and units that will allow you to dock whatever drive you please. Each is great for certain users with certain use cases. Read on to discover which may work for your application and budget.

No matter what your needs are, there should be a Thunderbolt 3 hard drive on this list for you. If you want the fastest possible drive, head straight to the bottom of this post.

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