Best BMX Bikes for Shoppers on a Budget 2019

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Bikes aren’t the cheapest investment, but you also don’t have to spend a fortune to get a solid piece of equipment. Maybe you’re eager to try out a new sport, or have dabbled in BMX riding in the past and now find yourself with some extra time (and cash) to make an investment. Regardless of your goal, we’ve rounded up the best BMX bikes for your budget, whether it’s under $1,000 or less than $200.

When it comes to off-road riding, you have several potential types of bikes to consider. Some of the more popular options are mountain and hybrid bikes. If you’re more into off-road racing, however, you might want to consider a BMX bike.

As the sport has continued to grow in popularity, there is an increasing selection of BMX bike types to consider. Racing bikes are the most classic style, but you can also find bikes specifically made for street, dirt, and park use, among others.

Your average BMX bike is made for dirt racing, and features a relatively lightweight frame and knobby tires for better grip. In comparison, if you mostly plan on riding at your local park, a freestyle bike might be a better bet. This stunt-oriented type of bike has a sturdier frame and tires that are best suited for pavement. Jumping bikes are of course used for jumps, and are well suited for trails. You’ll find knobby tires and sturdy frames on most jumping bikes.

The type of bike is only part of the equation, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. While higher performance BMX bikes are often outfitted with high-tensile steel or chromoly frames, the more budget-friendly models are typically made with steel.  As with other types of bikes, you’ll find carbon fiber frames or components on some higher-end models.

1. Redline Bikes Asset

Redline Bikes Asset

Redline Bikes

The Asset is a freestyle bike with a chromo frame and a low profile design. Kenda tires provide a secure grip on your riding surface of choice, whether it’s a local park or dirt trails. Low profile pedals are included. Nine-inch bars give you plenty of room to hold on, whether you’re performing tricks or just taking the bike out for a cruise.

Price: $449.99

Buy the Redline Bikes Asset here.


  • Full chromo frame
  • Kenda tires
  • Includes low profile pedals


  • Only comes in one size/color
  • May be a bit small for larger riders
  • Not the lightest bike

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2. SE Everyday

SE Everyday BMX Bike

SE Bikes

As its name suggests, the Everyday is a solid choice if you’re looking for a well-rounded BMX bike to introduce you to the sport. You can choose to keep the stock components or swap them out as you go, which is easy to do on the Everyday. Highlights include a Tektro alloy brake lever and a three-piece chromoly crank. The brake lever has extra clearance in case you want to swap out the existing tires for slightly larger ones. Both the front and rear tires are 20 inches.

Price: $349.99

Buy the SE Everyday here.


  • Geared towards beginners
  • Brake lever has extra clearance
  • Comes in two colors


  • Assembly tools aren’t included
  • May be too small for riders over 5’9″
  • Some stock components are cheap

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3. Framed Twenty6er

Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike


The 26-inch Framed Twenty6er BMX bike may be a more comfortable choice for larger riders, with a bit more space to stretch out. For just under $300, you get a bike that has a solid alloy frame and a high-tensile steel fork. There is an alloy lever brake in front and a Framed disc brake in the back for quicker stops. If black isn’t your preferred color, you can also find the bike in white.

Price: $299.95

Buy the Framed Twenty6er here.


  • High-tensile steel fork
  • Caters to larger riders
  • Available in two colors


  • Some stock components may need to be upgraded
  • A bit heavy
  • Brakes need frequent adjustments

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4. Eastern Bikes Eastern Traildigger

Eastern Bikes Eastern Traildigger

Eastern Bikes

The Eastern Traildigger is an affordable men’s BMX bike with plenty to offer for the money, including chromoly top and down tubes along with three-piece cranks. A durable steel frame adds an extra element of security for your BMX adventures. Other highlights include sealed hubs in the front and back, and Eastern’s own grips, sprocket and pedals.

Price: $298.12

Buy the Eastern Bikes Eastern Traildigger here.


  • Chromoly top and down tubes
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Includes some Eastern components


  • 20-inch frame may be a bit too small for larger riders
  • Only comes in one size/color
  • Some might want wider tires

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5. Mongoose Legion L80

Mongoose Legion L80


The Mongoose L80 is a dependable starter bike, but it’s also a solid choice for intermediate level riders. This freestyle bike shares many of the same characteristics of other Legion models, including a lighter weight construction and durable components. The L80 is equipped with three-piece cranks and an alloy U-brake in the back for increased stopping power. The 20.75-inch top tube can generally accommodate riders up to 6 feet tall.

Price: $232.40 – $343.30

Buy the Mongoose Legion L80 here.


  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate levels
  • Rear alloy U-brake
  • Can fit riders up to 6 feet tall


  • Seat angle isn’t adjustable
  • Only comes in one size
  • Some trick-oriented riders find some components a bit cheap

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6. KHE Bikes Equilibrium 3

KHE Bikes Equilibrium 3

KHE Bikes

The KHE Bikes Equilibrium 3 is a boys’ BMX bike with a 19.5-inch top tube. Features such as a high-tensile steel frame and fork, along with a three-piece crank, make the bike a solid choice for boys who are just getting into the sport. There’s also a steel U-brake in back for optimal stopping power. The bike weighs 26 pounds and comes with a KHE saddle and platform pedals.

Price: $271.74

Buy the KHE Bikes Equilibrium 3 here.


  • Ideal for boys just getting into the sport
  • High-tensile steel frame and fork
  • Rear steel U-brake


  • Only comes in one color
  • Doesn’t come fully assembled
  • Assembly tools aren’t included

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7. SE Bikes So Cal Flyer

SE Bikes So Cal Flyer

SE Bikes

The So Cal Flyer is a 24-inch BMX bike that comes in a variety of fun color combinations. Highlights include a lightweight aluminum frame along with double wall rims. If you’re looking for a BMX bike with some classic flair, you’ll enjoy the number plate on the back. The seat also has a laid-back retro style. The Flyer has three-piece cranks and SE Wave dropouts.

Price: $389.00

Buy the SE Bikes So Cal Flyer here.


  • Fun retro styling
  • Available in fun color combinations
  • Lightweight aluminum frame


  • Some wish it was a bit lighter
  • May not be the best for tricks
  • Assembly tools aren’t included

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8. GT Pro Performer

GT Pro Performer


The GT Pro Performer is a bit pricier than some other bikes on this list, but it may be a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a versatile BMX bike. Some of the less expensive models have steel frames, but the Performer comes with a higher-end Cr-Mo frame. It also has double alloy wall rims and an aluminum U-brake with alloy levers. Both the pedals and saddle are GT.

Price: $649.99

Buy the GT Pro Performer here.


  • Cr-Mo frame
  • Aluminum U-brake
  • GT saddle and pedals


  • A bit pricey
  • Only comes in one size
  • Limited color options

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9. Framed Impact XL

Framed Impact XL


As its name suggests, the Framed Impact XL is suited for larger riders. With a 20.76-inch top tube and 22.5-inch standover height, the bike offers a slightly longer top tube than you would find on a typical BMX bike, which makes it comfortable for riders who need a bit more space. Despite its larger size, the bike remains relatively lightweight at just over 25 pounds. It’s also equipped with a high-tensile steel frame and alloy U-brakes in the back.

Price: $148.90

Buy the Framed Impact XL here.


  • Ideal for larger riders
  • Top tube is longer than typical BMX bikes
  • High-tensile steel frame


  • Some assembly required
  • Best for entry-level riders
  • Limited color options

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10. SE Bikes Big Ripper

SE Bikes Big Ripper

SE Bikes

If you’re looking for a larger BMX bike, consider the Big Ripper. This bike has 29-inch tires and a 23.6-inch top tube. Its larger sizing and components make this bike a solid choice for riders standing 5’5″ and up. If you’re planning on using the bike for tricks, you’ll appreciate the wheelie pegs. A fun SE racing plate adds a bit of flair to the bike. Other features include an aluminum frame and three-piece cranks.

Price: $599.00

Buy the SE Bikes Big Ripper here.


  • Ideal for riders 5’5″ and up
  • Distinctive styling
  • 29-inch front and rear tires


  • Only comes in one color
  • May be a budget stretch for some
  • Could be a bit heavy for certain tricks

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