10 Best OnePlus 6 Cases: Which Is Right for You?

Since their debut in 2014, Shenzhen-based company OnePlus has carved out their niche in the smartphone market by providing competitive specs at value prices.

Their latest release, the OnePlus 6, seeks to outvalue the likes of the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 with comparable performance.

But even on the value end of the spectrum, top tier performance isn’t exactly cheap. That’s why you need a protective case to get the most mileage out of your brand new OnePlus 6.

The $579 price tag for the 128GB version is considerable, even though it’s well beneath that of its competition.

This price tag only becomes more tantalizing when you look under the hood. The OnePlus 6 is powered by the same Snapdragon 845 processor as the Galaxy S9.

It also has a 6.3-inch 1080×2280 LCD display, and 8 GB of RAM — more than any other phone on the market. This phone isn’t all specs either.

The OnePlus 6 has an improved 16-megapixel rear camera complemented by a second 20-megapixel secondary sensor. This is encased within a fused Gorilla Glass case that gives this phone a sleek and curvy look.

Despite the sturdiness of its case, you will want some extra protection to ensure you get the most out of your OnePlus 6.

To make things easier, we’ve highlighted some of the best protective case options available for this new budget smartphone.

Read on below to browse our favorite picks.

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  • Poetic Guardian Case

    Our Review

    Poetic’s Guardian case offers 360° of military grade drop protection to keep your phone safe from all angles.

    This case is comprised of a front and back piece, which link together to provide extra protection to your phone’s vulnerable edges.

    The edges are reinforced with a TPU lining that absorbs shock, while the PC outer shell resists scratches and scuffs.

    This case also includes a tempered glass screen protector, for the off-chance that its raised bezel fails to protect your phone from a screen-first impact.

  • OnePlus 6 Nylon Bumper Case

    Our Review

    OnePlus earns my admiration for applying their budget-first smartphone design philosophy to their official cases.

    You can get a specially designed protective case directly from OnePlus for a fraction of the price that competitors charge. Yet it’s still far from the cheapest case option.

    One of the biggest draws of the official OnePlus cases are their gorgeous backplate designs, but they also offer the standard suite of protective features for those focused on function.

    Shock-resistant TPU bumper corners and slightly raised bezels ensure your phone handles drops from all angles. Precise port cut-outs and responsive button covers will have you forgetting you even have a case on your phone.

  • TopACE Clear Case

    Our Review

    For some people, cases are an essential way to express your unique style. For others, they are only a distraction from the natural look of the phone.

    If you agree with the latter camp, then a clear case is a solid compromise so that you can see the sexy curves of your OnePlus 6 without leaving them vulnerable.

    Despite being fully transparent, this TopACE case offers shock absorption and added grippiness via its matted TPU material.

    It is slim and lightweight, yet fully capable of protecting your phone from the most common calamities. With a low price tag to match, it’s a win-win.

  • OtterBox Commuter Series Case

    Our Review

    OtterBox’s Commuter case is a great hybrid protection option that leverages some of the brand’s characteristic bulk to make for their most pocket-friendly case design.

    This dual layer case consists of an inner TPU sleeve for shock absorption, and an outer PC shell to eat scratches.

    This version of the case does not come with OtterBox’s iconic screen protector, but it is hardly needed considering that the case has a large enough bezel to act as a shield for the front screen and rear camera.

    The OtterBox Commuter case is neither the slimmest nor the cheapest option for the OnePlus 6, but there’s a reason it sets the bar for protective cases.

  • Olixar Leather Wallet Case

    Our Review

    With more people relying solely on credit and debit cards, traditional billfold wallets are falling out of favor. And to them I say, “good riddance.”

    After all, why would you carry around a bulky wallet when you can use a wallet phone case like this one from Olixar to protect your phone and house a couple of cards?

    This folio case has two slots to store any combination of ID cards and credit cards. Its magnetically closing front also protects your screen from other things in your pocket.

    Inside the folio, this case has a snap-on protective frame to absorb shock as well. If your aim to both ditch the wallet and keep your phone safe, there isn’t a better option.

  • Wellci Clear Love Case

    Our Review

    Wellci’s Clear Love Case merges the stylish look of a clear phone case with the rugged protection of a defender style case.

    Its back plate shows off the naked beauty of your phone, while its corners house air cushions to absorb drop impact where it is most likely to happen.

    Its raised bezel protects the front and back of the phone from suffering scratches or cracks. Its button covers are responsive and easy to find. It’s an all-around solid pick.

  • Spigen Rugged Armor Case

    Our Review

    Okay, so Spigen technically hasn’t released a Rugged Armor case fitted for the OnePlus 6, but they have announced their plans to do so, and you should see it for sale relatively soon.

    I have no issue reccomending this design before it comes out because it is consistently a top performer among protective cases.

    Their dual material cases protect from drops and scratches, and provide extra cushioning to the phone’s most vulnerable areas without adding too much bulk.

  • KuGi OnePlus 6 Case

    Our Review

    KuGi’s protective case for the OnePlus 6 looks extra professional with its faux leather backplate, but don’t let its slim bezel fool you.

    This case is adequately equipped to deal with drops and scratches, with a latticed webbing of TPU lining in the case interior.

    This case is so thin, you’ll hardly notice it is there. That does mean that it doesn’t quite protect your phone if it were to fall screen-first, but your new phone likely won’t leave your hands long enough for this to happen.

  • Tudia Arch S Case

    Our Review

    The Arch S is a simple snap-on bumper case from Tudia that offers plenty of protective power for a low price.

    This case is made from rubbery TPU material, which absorbs shock and provides a comfortable grip that prevents drops from happening in the first place.

    This case has a thin 0.3mm bezel, which is just large enough for it to soak up a face-down drop before your phone screen does so instead.

  • Suensan Protective Case

    Our Review

    Suensan’s Protective OnePlus 6 Case might look like it is made from rigid brushed metal, but it is actually made from durable and defensive TPU material.

    This rubbery coating leaves you well protected against drops and scratches, while leaving your buttons and ports easily accessible.

    It’s hard to argue with the classy black finish, but this case does also come in a few more vibrant colors.

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Heavy, Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Our product recommendations are guided solely by our editors. We have no relationship with manufacturers.