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5 Best AC Range Extenders: Your Buyer’s Guide

If you have an AC router at home but still suffer from dead zones, then there are only a few options to increase your wireless signal range. If you don’t have the budget to relocate/upgrade your current router or run ethernet cable through your house, then the next best option is to try one of the best AC range extenders. Here are our favorite devices for boosting your wireless single on the cheap.

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When Do You Need an AC Range Extender?

According to a study by Parks Associates, about 40 percent of home wireless networks experience issues like slow downloads, dead zones, and interference.

Their suggestion is that consumers switch to wired connections wherever possible, but most portable devices like cellphones and tablets exclusively rely on wireless service.

If you can't afford a more powerful AC router, then a wireless range extender if your next best bet.

These nifty little wireless repeaters are about the size of a Glade plug-in and can be installed into any power socket to boost the nearby Wi-Fi signal.

Note that if you don’t currently have an AC router, it will be more cost-effective to pick from one of our recommended N-band range extenders instead.

However you go about doing it, it is essential that you make your home network work for you. Otherwise, you'll be stuck working for it.

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