11 Best Cheap iPhone X Cases: The Ultimate List (2018)

The iPhone X is the first major upgrade to Apple’s flagship smartphone line in years.

It touts so many major hardware upgrades that Apple is calling it the future of smartphones.

Of course, if you’ve seen Samsung’s Galaxy S8, then what Apple brings to the table isn’t all that groundbreaking. Nonetheless, we’re stoked to see an iPhone with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge True Tone OLED display.

Also exciting is the powerful dual rear camera array, the improved A11 processor chip, and the new 3D face scanning technology.

Less exciting is the massive price tag: $999. Still, a phone this beautiful and full of new functions is arguably worth it.

But that doesn’t promise you much leftover for a proper phone case.

Nevertheless, a quality protective case is a crucial investment to keep your iPhone X safe from scratches and drops. And these cases don’t need to cost a lot to do that.

To prove that point, we’ve rounded up our favorite cheap iPhone X cases online. Read on below to browse our picks.

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  • Caseology Vault Series iPhone X Case

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    Caseology’s Vault Series case isn’t much bulkier than Spigen’s Liquid Air case, but what little extra bulk it offers goes a long way towards impact protection.

    Its corners are air cushioned, and provide just enough bezel to keep your phone from ever falling flat on its screen. The case meets military drop standards, and will stay in one piece drop after drop.

    Its scratch-resistant back plate has a textured surface that resembles brushed metal.

    It provides a nice grip to the back of the case, making it even easier to engage the case’s responsive button covers.

  • Anker Karapax Shield iPhone X Case

    Our Review

    Anker has always been a dependable provider of inexpensive defender cases, and their latest collaborative efforts with Karapax have only upped the ante.

    Their Shield case is an awesome deal for the amount of protection it offers. This single layer TPU case provides air cushioned corners, a grippy carbon fiber texture, and a frame that meets military drop standards.

    This case also has responsive button covers and cutouts for your charging port and speakers.

    It may look somewhat chunky around the edges, but it is still slim enough to support wireless charging through it.

  • Trianium Clarium iPhone X Case

    Our Review

    A clear case is a great pick if you want to enjoy the natural curves and colors of the iPhone X without leaving it bare to the dangers of everyday use.

    Once you slip the Trianium Clarium Case over your new phone, you won’t even notice it there.

    This case adds just enough bulk to keep the phone’s front screen and dual rear cameras safe from drops, and to absorb shock around the phone’s vulnerable edges.

    It has responsive button covers and a precise cutout for your phone’s charging port.

  • Tozo Ultra Thin iPhone X Case

    Our Review

    At this lower price range, it’s fairly standard to expect a pretty slim case, but Tozo’s Ultra Thin iPhone X Case takes things to another level altogether.

    At only 0.35mm thick, this case is really only for protection from scratches and fingerprints.

    But holy moly, you won’t even feel a weight difference when you slip this flexible case over your phone.

    Sure, if you drop your phone, you won’t be much better off than if you had no case at all. But there simply isn’t a case that feels sexier to slip on.

  • Ringke Air Prism Case

    Our Review

    The Air Prism Case from Ringke is an eye-catching case that sports both a 3D geometric backplate and a removable glitter inlay.

    Despite its eccentric appearance, this case is still ultimately designed with drop resistance in mind. This flexible case is made from TPU material, and offers a slight bezel to protect your front screen.

    Glitter insert or not, this is a cool looking case that will keep your iPhone X safe from abuse.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle iPhone X Case

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    The oddly named Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case is a hybrid case that sits squarely between a slim commuter case and a full-on defender case.

    The Unicorn Beetle protects the most vulnerable parts of your phone with a heavy-duty TPU bumper frame that disperses shock when dropped.

    Its scratch-proof back panel, comparatively, sports a clear PC design that maintains a slim profile and allows the iPhone X’s gorgeous aluminum body to shine through.

    This balanced approach to case design helps you get the best of both worlds.

  • Silk Vault iPhone X Wallet Case

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    The Silk Vault Case pulls is a budget case that can easily pull double duty, protecting your phone and your finances all at once.

    This case has a compact card holder on the back that can hold two credit cards and an ID. You might even be able to squeeze some cash in there.

    Its air-pocketed corners and front bezel help take the case the extra mile to really protect your phone too.

  • i-Blason Halo Series iPhone X Case

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    i-Blason’s Halo Series Case is yet another solid hybrid case option that can be purchased for cheap.

    Like the Supcase Unicorn Beetle, this case merges the slim profile of a compact case with the rugged bumper frame of an armor model.

    Its clear back plate easily resists scratches, and the bumper frame is phenomenal at dispersing impact when dropped.

    With this design, your phone gets extra protection where it needs it, while still being able to support wireless charging.

  • Speck CandyShell iPhone X Case

    Our Review

    Speck’s CandyShell case is a vibrant protective option that protects your phone on all sides. This one piece case is made soft acrylic material, and offers military-grade drop protection.

    The case forms a strong frame around your phone, providing shock absorption where it is most needed. The case also has an exterior PC shell that resists scratches.

    This case comes in a variety of colors, but my personal favorite is a mix of Jewel Teal and Mykonos Blue. How is that for a color name, Crayola?

  • OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

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    The Symmetry Series is, simply put, a more pocket-friendly take on the usual OtterBox formula. It still has dual layer protection from drops and scratches, but it is not quite as bulky as their full Defender model.

    Instead, this case tightly contours to the phone itself, offering the minimal bulk that it can without adding too much to your phone’s profile.

    The button covers are responsive and the port and speaker cutouts are accurately positioned. This case will quickly become an essential part of your phone’s getup.

    Even though it doesn’t have the protective power of larger OtterBox cases, the Symmetry Series is definitely one of the best cheap iPhone X cases around. Just note that price varies greatly by color.