11 Coolest iPhone 8 Cases: The Ultimate List

Though the iPhone X line has stolen the spotlight as Apple’s most advanced and expensive phone, the standard iPhone 8 still does a great job as Apple’s last numerically labeled iPhone.

Despite not being the latest and greatest device, the iPhone 8 sports some considerable technological upgrades and will likely be a performance upgrade depending on what you upgrade from.

After all, being able to keep up with Apple’s aggressive product release schedule definitely puts you in the upper echelon of the tech-savvy.

The iPhone 8 fits into a case from the previous iPhone 7 model, but if you are planning to update your mobile tech this year, you may as well update to a cool new case as well.

A high-quality phone case should protect from drops and scratches as well as represent your unique style.

To make finding the right case easier, we’ve gathered the coolest iPhone 8 cases that do all three. Read on below to browse our favorite picks.

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