8 Best Samsung Tab S3 Cases: The Ultimate List (2019)

Samsung tablets are the device of choice for Android gamers, students, and technophiles. But no matter how you use the latest Samsung tablet, you shouldn’t be caught without a Samsung Tab S3 case.

Why not? The Tab S3 sports some impressive new specs that certainly warrant its $450 price tag. It only makes sense to protect these features with an extra layer of shock absorption.

You will want a case with a bezel that can protect the Tab S3’s 9.7-inch QXGA Super AMOLED display. When used with its included S Pen stylus, it is a viable tool for artists when used with an app like ArtFlow. But only if the screen isn’t cracked.

The added utility of Android 7.0 Nougat and USB-C charging slates the device to be a worthy competitor to the new iPad Pro in speed and convenience. As long as you don’t jostle it by knocking the whole tablet off a table.

And with a rear camera now capable of recording 4K video, you’ll want to ensure that your lens (or anything underneath) is never in danger of being scratched or dropped.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cases and keyboard covers available now. These protect your tablet from all sides without adding too much weight too this beautiful device.

Depending on its dimensions, you might be able to get away with using a Tab S2 case, but that’s no guarantee, since the Tab S3 is slightly thicker and has a few more ports.

We will expand our selections as more choices emerge, but until then, check out some of the best cases for your new Galaxy Tab S3.

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  • Samsung Folio Case for Tab S3

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    Samsung’s official Folio Case for the Tab S3 appears to mimic the classic iPad trifold cover design both in its style and its exorbitant price tag.

    This slim polyurethane case keeps moisture, dust, and scratches away from your Tab S3, though it doesn’t offer much in the way of shock absorption.

    With a 9.7-inch screen, you’ll likely be holding your tablet with two hands at all times, so hopefully drops aren’t a big concern for your new device anyway.

    This case will make it easy to toss your Tab S3 into a backpack without scuffing it, and the trifold case does offer some nice versatility as a built-in stand.

    But when it comes to picking the Samsung Folio Case or the Samsung Keyboard Case over a third party case that is a fraction of the price, it is a matter of personal preference.

    The Folio Case doesn’t offer much over the generics, yet this is the case designed to go with the Tab S3, so for those who want the intended Samsung experience, this is surely the pick.

  • IVSO Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Keyboard Case

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    The IVSO Keyboard Case for the Tab S3 contrasts against the Samsung-official keyboard case by offering just about the same suite of features for literally $100 cheaper.

    A keyboard folio helps convert your Tab S3 to a workstation where you can comfortably write emails and essays without your touch keypad taking up half the screen.

    The keyboard charges in about three hours, and lasts about sixty. It can be removed and reattached from the polyurethane front cover with ease, converting this from a true keyboard case to a more lightweight carry case.

    The back panel of the case clips tightly onto the Tab S3, and has a soft microfiber interior lining to pad the tablet from rough handling. The case also has a handy kickstand to complete the setup.

  • Procase Folio Case

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    This plain-looking folio case from Procase isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but the composite leather cover will keep your device safe and provide some utility when using it.

    As is typical with moth folio-style cases, it can double as a multi-angle stand to enjoy video content.

    It also has a large front pocket to store small documents or money. There is even a loop to store the Tab S3’s included S Pen.

  • Belk Premium Leather Tab S3 Case

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    The Belk Premium Leather Tab S3 Case is probably one of the nicest looking cases you can find so far, and I’m not just saying that because the rest are plain matte black.

    The polyurethane leather case is just a little thicker than the competition. This combined with the flexible TPU inner shell provide better shock absorption than other cases, without sacrificing too much in form factor.

    The front cover of this case doesn’t fold in as many styles as the KuGi trifold, but it offers three handy slip pockets for credit cards and bills, plus a study strap to hold your tablet in one hand.

  • Moko Premium Cover Case

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    This folio case from Moko is made from an outer polycarbonate shell that is complemented by black denim fabric and a knitted non-slip interior.

    The way this material is contoured around the edges of the tablet allow them to absorb shock from drops before it ever reaches your Tab S3.

    It makes for a durable construction without compromising looks or feel. As a bonus of its folio design, this case also folds back to act as a stand when viewing media.

  • Samsung Keyboard Cover for Tab S3

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    The Keyboard Cover from Samsung, much like the Samsung Folio Case, is going to be what a majority of uninformed shoppers purchase.

    As a product made by Samsung, it is the easy choice for someone who wants to ensure they are buying a compatible product.

    That is not to say that it is a bad product. However, its $130 price tag is definitely overkill when you can get a decent Bluetooth keyboard for $100 cheaper.

    The keyboard connects to your device quickly, and has a magnetic indent that is perfectly sized to hold your device.

    However, the Tab S3 doesn’t snap into the cover as perfectly as you’d expect, and therefore, isn’t a must-have over the third party options.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

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    The Unicorn Beetle Defender case from Supcase isn’t available until May, but it is the earliest look we have at any sort of case that puts protection over fashion.

    This two piece case offers both shock absorption and scratch resistance. It has a raised lip that keeps both your screen and rear camera safe from drops, and it even comes with a built-in screen protector to complete the package.

  • LK Ultra Slim Protective Case

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    Like the Unicorn Beetle Pro case from Supcase, LK’s Ultra Slim Protective case forgoes the clunky folio look for a more slim profile protection option. This case is far slimmer than the Unicorn Beetle case, though, making it a fantastic choice for people who hold their tablet in one hand.

    The TPU exterior reduces the impact of drops, while adding more grip to the back of your device. There isn’t much bezel to protect your front screen and rear camera.

    But a device as nice as your Tab S3 shouldn’t even come close to being dropped on its screen while they are still the nicest tablet out there.