7 Best 3D Printers On Sale Right Now (Updated!)

3d printers on sale


With a 3D printer, you can create almost anything you can imagine from toys to precise injection molded parts. So whether you’re an engineer, artist or hobbyist, you’ll want to check out Amazon’s 3D Printer Sale, plus printer filament is on sale too.

These Are the Best 3D Printers On Sale Now

Dremel digilab 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 2018 PC Magazine top pick
  • Print remotely from any WiFi location
  • Reasonably easy set up
Price: $1,600.01 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
large build colume 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Big project capacity
  • Self leveling heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Plug and play head and filament changes
Price: $4,000.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
professional quality 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Moderate price for great quality
  • Innovative new design features
  • One of the top rated 3D printers
Price: $699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
daVinci 1.0 3D Pro Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for hobbyists and beginners
  • Reasonably priced
  • Doesn't require proprietary filament
Price: $349.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
industrial grade 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dual extruders and quality build plate
  • Amazon's Choice
  • Clear side panels for viewing
Price: $699.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
monoprice maker 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • More moderately priced
  • Fine resolution with fast print speeds
  • Accommodates a variety of filaments
Price: $400.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
dremel DigiLab hobbyist 3D printer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Created for hobbyists
  • Highly rated with great features
  • An affordable option
Price: $637.77 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Save $370 on Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer

    • Uses advanced filament types
    • Professionals love it
    • Desktop and cloud based slicing software adds flexibility
    • Easy set up and leveling options
    • Internal HD camera captures printing process
    • Our most expensive choice
    • Less than great customer support
    • Some system bugs still need to be addressed

    The Dremel DigiLab 3D printer gets our enthusiastic nod as well as the PC Magazine 2019 Editor’s Choice top vote. That makes it worth considering if you’re a designer, engineer or want it for classroom use because it can stand up to serious use. With clog-resistant extrusion, it will run your projects smoothly without breakdowns.

    It has a heated plate and an even more robust extruder which allows you to print with nylon and eco-ABS. That means you can create accurate injection molded parts. This printer automatically updates the g-code for optimal extruder and build plate temperatures, in addition to print speeds and feeds.

    Whether you want to use your smartphone tablet or laptop, you can print from anywhere with an internet connection because this machine is WiFi-enabled. Users can slice files online and print directly to the 3D45 – which makes it great if you’re working with a client and want to create a quick product or part demo. 

    Smart sensor technology makes set up a breeze. The touch screen shows you in real-time how to precisely level the plate with just a simple turn of a knob. And if 3D printing doesn’t make you feel geeky enough, you can even capture time-lapse videos of your project with the internal 720p HD camera which captures the large build area while you to print a huge variety of projects.

    One of the best Cyber Monday 3D printer deals, this one will net you $370 in savings. Consider using the Dremel PLA 3D Printer Filament for the best results with this printer.

  2. 2. Save $643.75 on LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer

    • Advanced printing options for expert users
    • Capacity for large project printing or simultaneous printing of smalls
    • Fast and efficient head and filament changes
    • Seriously great customer support
    • Supports dozens of different filament materials
    • Beginners beware
    • Seriously spendy
    • Auto leveling isn't always accurate
    • Limited to a single filament size

    If you’re looking to tackle larger 3D printing projects, and you want the simplicity of modular plug and play print head and filament changes, the LulzBot Taz 6 is the machine. This printer lets you build really big projects up to 11.02 inches x 11.02 inches x 9.8 inches, or you can print many small pieces simultaneously.

    Get a clean start on every printing project because of the simple to use self-leveling technology. This big machine has one of the largest build volumes around. It also allows you to give your imagination free reign when it comes to designs and capabilities because it supports dozens of different filament materials. 

    This workhorse has a proven extruder, hot end capable of reaching 300-degrees Celsius, and dual part cooling fans. Your projects print both trouble and warp-free, thanks to the rugged aluminum frame, reliable power supply, and heated PEI bed. 

    The free Cura LulzBot Edition software makes it easy to load your model files and slice them for printing. With tech support 24/7, you can troubleshoot problems whenever you need to.

    Amazon’s Cyber Monday 3D printer deals mean right now you can get this professional grade machine for 26 percent off, which means you can pocket that $643.75 you just saved or, better yet, spend it on more filament.

    If you don’t need quite as much build space, get 25 percent off the TazMini 3D printer which starts at a little more wallet-friendly price of $1,113. It’s also Amazon’s Choice.

  3. 3. 29% Off FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

    • Handles long run times and complex projects well
    • Error free SD slot
    • Easy to see project area with LED lights
    • Simpler to figure out than many
    • Ready to use because it comes pre-assembled
    • Great customer service is a plus
    • Among the more expensive options
    • Requires frequent leveling
    • Extruder jams can be problematic

    If you’re looking for accurate and reliable prints time and again, this professional quality 3D printer is top-rated for exactly that reason. The 10mm guide rod ensures precise Z axis movement, preventing the platform arm from deforming your job, while a super sturdy metal frame keeps it stable during projects. With an aviation level aluminum plate, it maintains a perfectly flat printing surface during heating, so you don’t need to worry about warp.

    And because warp is a particularly tricky issue when it comes to ABS prints, the insulated closed chamber provides extra protection during printing. To make it stronger and even more effective at regulating temperatures, the injected PC top cover comes in one solid piece.

    Recent innovations have also improved this machine. The front door has been redesigned to provide easier access to your prints.  It also now has a dual extruder that is capable of holding two spools of filament at once, and better yet, it works equally well with ABS or PLA filament, giving you tons of flexibility.

    The build area is illuminated with an LED light, and an integrated LCD screen and button board make for simpler and more efficient operation. With this 3D printer sale price, you’ll save $262 today, a 29% discount

  4. 4. Save $50 on daVinci 1.0 Pro 3D Printer

    • Good for small project printing
    • Nozzle can be upgraded for more complex projects
    • Easy to get started
    • Has many features of more expensive 3D printers
    • Good slicing software
    • Not as high resolution as more expensive printers
    • Definitely for beginners
    • Extruder jams common

    The daVinci 1.0 Pro is a good printer to start out with, especially if you are a hobbyist looking to tap into the 3D printing realm for your home projects, or you want to introduce your kids to the technology. The fully enclosed design thwarts waste from warping and protects projects. It also doesn’t require you to use proprietary PLA filaments, which is a definite bonus.

    The adjustable temperature settings for the extruder nozzle let you stock up on filament while prices are low, and practice printing until you fully vet your skills.

    While this printer is primarily designed for home use, and the build area is fairly small, it has lots of features of some of the bigger 3D printers in this category. It includes an LED lighted build area, LCD screen, WiFi connectivity and other options that impress. The downside is that doesn’t have an SD card slot, but it does offer a USB port to easily load your printing projects.

    You can create even more imaginative projects using metallic PLA and carbon PLA too, all with an upgrade to a hardened steel nozzle,. It allows you to print perfectly from 20 up to 400 micron resolution thanks to an intuitive 9-point calibration detection system that accurately determines the distance between the extruder and the print bed. With this Cyber Monday deal, you can get it for 14% off, a savings of $50.


  5. 5. 15% Off QIDI TECH X-Plus Dual Extruder 3D Printer

    • Dual extruders allow easy transition between projects or simultaneous printing
    • Clear acrylic side panels allow viewing of project build
    • Option to fully enclose or ventilate the build area depending on filament chosen
    • High quality build plate
    • Not as fast printing as others
    • Takes more tech support than some
    • Some motor issues reported

    This mid-range 3D printer has lots of attributes With a sturdy full metal frame, this printer is stable making your project printing ore reliable. With an aviation-grade aluminum plate, the build surface is completely flat and won’t warp during the heating process.

    This printer also features the unique option to either fully enclose or ventilate the build space, depending on the type of filament selected. This means projects have a much higher rate of success, because ABS does better with temperature control, while PLA performs better with air circulation.

    A real advantage to this printer is that it allows for larger project sizes than many – up to 10.6 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches. With dual extruders, you can keep different filaments loaded for simple maneuvering between projects, or print two projects simultaneously with excellent resolution. The first extruder prints PLA, ABS, and TPU. The second extruder allows for printing more advanced materials like nylon, carbon fiber, and PC.

    The clear plastic front panel lets you view your project in progress, and the large touch screen display is intuitive and precise, making projects print with ease. With this 3D printer deal on Amazon, you can save $119.85 and have it delivered free in as little as soon as next week if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

    Many users compare this more moderately priced printer to the FlashForge 3D printer. Right now there’s no price difference, so you might want to read lots of the user reviews of both before making your decision.

  6. 6. 16% Off Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer

    • Definitely not a beginner 3D printer
    • Many features seen on much more expensive machines
    • Fine resolution even at fast printing speeds
    • Quiet enough to use in office settings
    • Microsoft Windows, Macs running OS X, and Ubuntu Linux
    • Customer support is less than perfect
    • Frequent part replacement can be annoying
    • Screws tend to loosen rapidly
    • Set up is less than a breeze

    Without investing a giant amount of money, you can still get 20 micron fine resolution printing with this more moderately priced 3D printer. The Monoprice Maker is a good choice that’s a step up from beginner level printers, with many features that you’d expect to see only on seriously expensive professional printers.

    The heated build plate, and extruder nozzle temperatures, from 180-250 degrees Celsius, allowing this machine to print a wide variety of filament types including PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, and others. It allows you to print g-code files from your computer using a USB connection or from an SD card. Unlike many, this printer is super quiet, (just 49dBA) which makes it great for both home and office use. 

    With a stable printing platform, thanks to the rigid all-metal frame, it prints at lightning-fast speeds of up to 300 mm per second with fine detail. More prints in less time is a definite plus when you’re making your printer choice.

    You’ll avoid long print project job failures because of the geared, anti-jam feeder reliably feeds filament, and an LCD screen makes your project status easy to track. 

  7. 7. Best New Entry: Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

    • Created especially for hobbyists and home use
    • Comes with free slicing software
    • Full color LCD touchscreen
    • Many features of more expensive printers
    • Comes fully assembled and ready to print
    • Fully enclosed build area keeps little hands out during builds
    • Requires releveling with each project
    • Frequent print head clogs are a problem
    • Not as high a quality build plate as expected

    Dremel’s newest introduction to their 3D printer lineup is the DigiLab 3D20. Modeled after their hugely successful and highly rated DigiLab 3D45, this smaller version is geared specifically toward the hobbyist and beginner. It comes pre-assembled and ready to get rocking on your first project and it even includes your first spool of filament.

    With a maximum build size of Maximum 9 inches deep by 5.9 inches high by 5.5 inches wide, it’s ideal for art projects and simple printed parts. It includes a fully enclosed build area, which allows for controlled temperatures during builds and adds a safety element to the picture because it keeps curious little kid hands out of the build area during printing.

    This printer has a non-heated build plate (a major difference from their bi printer,) and it works with Dremel 3D PLA filament only, which does deliver great results.

    A full color LCD screen allows you to modify printer settings, look up files and smoothly print your projects. UL safety rated, it comes with free cloud based slicing software or you can use your own CAD program to create projects and print them. 

    While the prices are shifting almost daily, this isn’t currently on sale, but worth considering because it’s a great price for the features.

If you're exploring because you want to get your kids started with 3D printing technology, consider the first step with a 3D printing pen. These pens use the same kinds of filaments and technology of a large printer, but as a rule are less than $50. They can expand both your and your kids' imaginations with lots of fun hours of trial and error, as well as design success. Most of them are suitable for kids five and up with parental supervision. See Also:

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