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21 Best Android Accessories: Your Ultimate List

There’s a massive array of Android smartphones out there, and all that variety means that there are tons of cool Android accessories to choose from. But with a number of second-rate smartphone gadgets flooding the market, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the very best Android smartphone accessories. Whether you’re into music, photography, or just want the latest gadgets, you’ll be sure to find something interesting on this list.

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Do Any of These Cool Smartphone Accessories Have Requirements?

We're glad you asked. While many of these mobile phone gadgets only require an Android OS, others will have more specific requirements. Pretty much anything with a battery built-in will require a Bluetooth connection but as this history of Bluetooth from Android Authority documents, Bluetooth has been around since 2001 and will definitely be on any Android phone you own today.

The devices that you have to watch out for are the Samsung brand products, which typically only work with newer Samsung phones. These include the Samsung DeX, the Samsung Gear VR, and the Samsung Gear 360° 4K VR Camera.

Additionally, not every phone has a microSD slot, so don't think you can automatically expand the memory of your phone without checking its specs first.

Even with these exceptions, there are still so many different ways to expand the utility of your phone. So no matter what you use your Android smartphone for, there is always a way to make it even more useful.

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