Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Moon Emoji: How to Enable

Messenger Dark Mode Moon Emoji


There is a workaround for Facebook’s long-promised Dark Mode function for the social media giant’s Messenger app. The promise of the function first came in October 2018 but since then, there has been no sign of Dark Mode. The easiest workaround for users has now been revealed as sending a crescent moon emoji to anyone, including yourself, upon doing so, the user should see a message at top of the chat that reads, “You Found Dark Mode!” Upon seeing that message, users will be invited to “Turn on in Settings.” The crescent moon was first introduced by Unicode in 2010.

You should then be brought to a to your Messenger settings where you will see the option, Dark Mode. Toggling on that option will bring you to Dark Mode. You will be warned that the option still has problems, but it will work. Reddit users from countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Portugal and Indonesia have said that Dark Mode is working.

messenger dark mode moon emoji

GettyA moon shaped sculpture by artist Pavlos Vasiliadis is displayed for first time after three years into the sea on the waterfront of Thessaloniki on January 18, 2019. – The crescent moon statue who was located on the wooden deck has been targeted by vandals who caused damages to the base of the structure and throw it in the sea on 2015.

Heavy.com can only prove that the function works on Android at the time of writing. Mac Rumors reports that the modification is available to iOS users.

Upon the release of the Dark Mode, Android Police opined that the function was a further example of Facebook’s efforts to keep users within their systems. The same article says that it is possible that the Dark Mode function could come soon to other Facebook-owned services, namely WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger in 60 SecondsYou must Update Messenger app to the Latest version on App Store! If this is Not working – try Clearing data from the app settings SELECT AND SEND EMOJI "MOON" 🌙 TO ANY CHAT. This method is working on all IOS and Android platforms! ———————————————————————————— DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE FUTURE…2019-03-02T11:21:15.000Z

The original announcement surrounding the Dark Mode setting said, “We have a handful of new features we’re planning to introduce in the near future, like Dark Mode, a re-skinned interface that cuts down on the glare from your phone. So take your time, settle in, and we’ll be back with more soon.”

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