‘Yang Gang’ Was the Trending Neuralink Search Term, Thanks to YouTube Comments

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Just before the Neuralink live stream began, “Yang Gang” and “Andrew Yang” were the top trending breakout terms on Google searches. This is because so many people were commenting over and over about Yang in the YouTube comments of the official live stream. You can see “Yang Gang” and “Yang 2020!” over and over in the comments while people were waiting for the stream to begin.

It was pretty funny. The comments streamed quickly while people waited for the live stream by Elon Musk to start (which was running pretty late.) And as they waited, comment and after comment read “Yang Gang!” and “Yang 2020.” As a result, Andrew Yang and Yang Gang were the breakout terms at the beginning of the Neuralink presentation.

Google Trends

Yes, Andrew Yang and Yang Gang were searched even more than Elon Musk or Neuralink.com during that time period.

Comments were disabled before the stream began.

Andrew Yang is running for President of the United States and is currently placed sixth or seventh. He’s one of the few who has already qualified through donations for the fall Democratic debates.

Yang is an entrepreneur whose platform includes a UBI of $1,000 a month for every citizen of the United States, in order to help stem the unemployment that is going to inevitably come from automation.

So considering the topic of tonight’s stream, Andrew Yang’s name being a top search term is pretty fitting.

Yang’s supporters call themselves the Yang Gang and Yang often uses “Math” as his slogan because the 44-year-old entrepreneur likes to solve problems with math. He studied economics at Brown University and then obtain a law degree from Columbia University School of Law. For the last eight years, he’s run Venture for America and is the CEO and founder.

Yang is perhaps one of the most unique candidates in a crowded Democratic primary race. His platform includes Medicare for All, requiring all police officers to wear cameras, paid family leave, media fragmentation, a call for UBI (Universal Basic Income), which he refers to as the Freedom Dividend, and more. The idea of a UBI has many supporters, including Elon Musk. Yang has said that a UBI will be necessary as America becomes increasingly automated. In fact, a phrase he often uses is “The Robots Are Coming,” based off Game of Thrones‘ “Winter Is Coming” phrase.

This is one of my personal favorite Yang Gang videos. It’s made by a fan and shared on Yang’s YouTube channel.

Yang Gang 2020 – A Supporter Made AnthemThank you @jacobyfiland and @avndr_found — Andrew Yang isn’t a politician. He’s an entrepreneur who knows how the economy works—and he’s terrified about the growing automation of American jobs. That’s why he’s running for President as a Democrat in 2020. America has lost its direction, and it’s time we put humanity first. Andrew wants to…2019-03-30T12:11:17.000Z

Yang says UBI will help stem the problems coming from increasing automation. He says this will boost the economy ultimately.

The coming of automation is something Musk supporters can certainly appreciate and relate to. So spamming “Yang Gang” during the comments before the Neuralink live stream seems to be a well-timed idea.

Here’s the Neuralink presentation, as presented by a fellow supporter waiting for the stream to begin. (The official stream is not embeddable.)

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Control Interface (BCI) Startup Presentation Livestreamneuralink.com/2019-07-17T06:27:43.000Z

This is a developing story.

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