Twitter Is Down: Best Memes & Reactions

Twitter down memes

Getty/Reddit Twitter down memes

Twitter is down and no one knows what to do about it. The site went down, with users reporting a lot of problems and error messages, around 2:45 p.m. Eastern. An hour later, the site appeared to be struggling back to life, but was still having some issues here and there, which is unusual for Twitter. Twitter has acknowledged the problem and said they are working on the issue. Of course, Twitter users couldn’t help but turn to memes and jokes about the situation. Here are the top memes and reactions to Twitter being down.

Since people couldn’t actually go to Twitter to share their memes, jokes, and reactions, they went to other places like Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Twitter subreddit has been particularly popular for memes and jokes. Here are some of the best memes and reactions over there:


Where do you go? Reddit it appears.





Thousands across the world are having issues, as shown on


Twitter has acknowledged the issue on its status page, which reads that there is a service disruption. “[Investigating] We are currently investigating issues people are having accessing Twitter. We will keep you updated on whats happening.”[sic]


Instagram was a great place to go while the issues were being worked out too.

And Facebook was home to complaints too:

Now that Twitter is working for some people, we can return to Twitter for memes.

It’s not clear at this time what caused the issue, and Twitter’s status still reads that it’s being investigated.

You might have seen error messages when you tried to use Twitter. Some messages read “Try Again,” “something is wrong,” or Twitter just endlessly loaded while you were trying to search something or look for a profile.

You might also have seen the “Something is technically wrong” error:


Others got error messages that read “cannot retrieve tweets at this time.” Some said that DMs still worked while the rest of the site was down.

Twitter is now coming back to life. Twitter officially explained the cause of the outage: “The outage was due to an internal configuration change, which we’re now fixing. Some people may be able to access Twitter again and we’re working to make sure Twitter is available to everyone as quickly as possible.”

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