Where Do You Go To Complain About Twitter When Twitter Is Down?


Most people go to Twitter to complain when a popular site is down, but where can you go to complain when Twitter itself is down?

One option is Reddit. This is one of the most active places right now to complain about Twitter and you can go right to the Twitter subreddit, which currently has a record-breaking 8,000 people online.

Here are some posts shared on Reddit:



If you’re not a Reddit fan, you can always try Facebook.

Other options include Instagram and Whatsapp. Try the #TwitterDown hashtag on Instagram.

But none seem quite as appealing as just complaining on Twitter itself, which isn’t an option.

So what’s happening?

Twitter has acknowledged the issue on its status page, which reads that there is a service disruption. “[Investigating] We are currently investigating issues people are having accessing Twitter. We will keep you updated on whats happening.”[sic]


The signs are clear on DownDetector that the problems are worldwide. A huge spike in problems was reported, with the majority of the issues reported on websites, followed by apps.


Issues were reported around the world:


The issues began around 2:45 p.m. Eastern, with most issues in Western Europe and the United States.

You may be seeing the error message when you try to use Twitter, with error messages appearing like “Try Again,” “something is wrong,” or Twitter just endlessly loading when you’re trying to search something or look for a profile. Others are getting error messages like “cannot retrieve tweets at this time.” Some have said that DMs are still working while the rest of the site is down. You might also be seeing the “Something is technically wrong” error:


There have been a lot of social media sites having issues lately. Reddit was having issues this morning, for example, but it’s a “safe haven” now for complaining about Twitter. If you’re looking for a place to go while Twitter is down, where you’ll find people who share in your misery, Reddit’s Twitter subreddit is probably your best choice.

This is a developing story.