Twitter Down: Thousands Report Problems & Errors Around the World

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Twitter appears to be down and having issues for thousands of people. Many can’t get timelines, profiles, or searches to work and just get a “Something went wrong” and “Try again” error message. Others are seeing a “Something is technically wrong” error. Twitter has acknowledged the issue and says they are investigating it. Here’s what we know so far about what’s happening.

As you can see from, the problems have just skyrocketed with more than 40,000 reports:


About 15 minutes later, reports were still coming in:


The outage map from DownDetector shows the problems are mainly in the United States but also present in some other parts of the world.

You may be seeing the error message when you try to use Twitter, with error messages appearing like “Try Again,” “something is wrong,” or Twitter just endlessly loading when you’re trying to search something or look for a profile.

The error looks like this for many users:


Others are getting error messages like “cannot retrieve tweets at this time.” Some have said that DMs are still working while the rest of the site is down.

You might also be seeing the “Something is technically wrong” error:


Twitter has acknowledged the issue on its status page, which reads that there is a service disruption. “[Investigating] We are currently investigating issues people are having accessing Twitter. We will keep you updated on whats happening.”[sic]


Since most people go to Twitter when they’re having issues, it’s a little tougher to track the problems when the issue is with Twitter itself. But if you want to complain with other people, try Reddit, since Twitter isn’t an option right now.

Users on are reporting issues mostly with the website, but also some problems on the iOS app and fewer issues with the Android app.

Issues are being reported all over the world, including in Germany,  Norway, Los Angeles, Chicago, Alabama, North Carolina, Austria, Spain, Malaysia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Brazil, Colorado, Australia, the UK, Argentina, Wisconsin, Algeria, Idaho, Canada, and more.

It is not yet clear what is causing the issue. As of 3:51 p.m. Eastern, the site appeared to be coming back around, although there were still some issues.

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